Year 9

In Year 9 we offer an exciting co-curricular progam for students to keep them engaged with the College and the community. We believe that the time spent outside the formal school setting and in the community will be enlightening and challenging, as well as providing students with skills to move forward with their secondary school education.

Year 9 at Thomas Carr College marks the beginning of the transition between the Middle School and the Senior School years. It is an important stage of development for our students. Students leaving Middle School enter a world of learning and work that continues to change and evolve. It is a world in which adults are expected to be able to participate in work on an international stage and where at home and abroad we should demonstrate a depth of intercultural understanding in all our interactions. At Thomas Carr College, we work towards supporting our students in achieving this goal, as students are encouraged to think about themselves as agents of change and as socially and ethically responsible members of society.

The current Year 9 Co-ordinators are: Mr Brendan Shields and Mrs Jenni Rothery
The current Year 9 Homeroom teachers are

Good Samaritan Campus

The Country Experience forms part of the compulsory curriculum at Thomas Carr College. Therefore, it is expected that all students attend the Good Samaritan Campus during their allocated timeframe. Any issues relating to attendance need to be discussed in advance with the Year Level Co-ordinators in consultation with the Head of Middle School and the Good Samaritan Campus Manager.


Click here for the Good Samaritan Campus Equipment List


Please refer to the table below for 2020 dates

Time of departure: 7.15am

Time of return: Approximately 3.00pm to 3.20pm

Method of transport : V-Line

Departing from: Tarneit Train Station

Returning to: Tarneit Train Station

9 BlueTuesday March 10 2020Friday March 27 2020
9 GoldTuesday April 21 2020Friday May 8 2020
9 GreenMonday May 18 2020Friday June 5 2020
9 JadeTuesday June 9 2020Friday June 26 2020
9 PurpleMonday October 5 2020Friday October 23 2020
9 RedMonday October 26 2020Friday November 13 2020

City Experience

Students in Year 9 will participate in a City Experience program. This experience will allow students to study the cultural, historical and sporting aspects of the City of Melbourne. The program recognises students’ increasing independence and requires students to develop their own transport plans to complete each of the set activities for each day. The City Experience Student Booklet consists of 4 assessment tasks that must be completed over the course of the week, including a 32 checkpoint Scavenger Hunt, Journey Planner, Inquiry Tasks (from the booked tours) and a pre-and post-Reflection.


Please refer to the table below for 2020 dates

Time of departure: 8.00am (first day of the experience)

Time of return: Approximately 3.00pm to 3.30pm

Method of transport: Train

Departing from: Hoppers Crossing Train Station (first day of the experience)

Returning to: Hoppers Crossing Train Station (first day of the experience)

All HomeroomsMonday August 10Friday August 14 2020