Year 12

The final year of academic studies at Thomas Carr College is one where the College community places high expectations on all VCE and VM students. The challenges faced by students over the course of the year are varied and many.

To facilitate student success, the Year 12 Pastoral Care Program enables students to participate in sessions relating to connectivity, healthy relationships, cyber safety, study techniques, young people and the law, stress meditation, mental health and wellbeing, memory and learning and safe partying and sleep.

Over the course of the academic year, students are expected to illustrate personal leadership through all interactions with College community members. To enable our students to grow personally and as constructive members of the community at large, we provide a number of activities including:

  • The Year 12 ‘Kick Start’ program, which aims to assist students to develop personal goals and strategies to better enable them to focus on their objectives for the end of the year
  • The 40+ Mentoring, an after-school support program for students who have a strong desire to achieve study scores of 40+ in their individual studies
  • The VCE Workshops which are designed to give students strategies to succeed in the lead up to finishing off their VCE studies
  • Attendance at The Age Careers Expo and VTAC and Open Days workshops

The College also places a high expectation on all students to participate in the College’s sporting and cultural activities throughout the academic year, including Battle of the Sounds, the College Choir, College carnivals and Thomas Carr Day. To assist students in their preparation for their final Examinations, students will have opportunities to participate in Practice Examinations throughout the year. These Examinations run at different times for each subject areas and are compulsory.