Year 10

Year 10 is an exciting year as students embark on their future career paths and become Senior School students for the first time. Programs support the students for their new challenges and assist them in their choices for the final years of their secondary education.

This year is not only a transitional phase but also builds on the work in Middle School as they assess their options for the future and explore career possibilities. In their first year in the Senior School, Year 10 students commence their first year of a VCE or VET subject. Students select from a wide variety of elective subjects thereby exposing them to broader curriculum options as they prepare for VCE or VM. Highlights of the year include the Peer Support Program, Careers guidance and Work Experience.

The Pastoral Care Program in Year 10 builds on the theme of relationships and allows students to explore the variety of relationships in life; families, friends and working relationships and the way these change and alter as they mature into young adults. Students reflect on healthy relationships and develop strategies to assist them as they develop into young men and women who will contribute to the wider community. Students also consider the numerous pathway options as they explore potential career choices in liaison with the College’s Careers Pathway Team.

Year 10 Work Experience

Work Experience is an integral part of the Year 10 curriculum intended to introduce all Year 10 students to an understanding of the workplace. Since Year 10 is a pivotal year for such things as subject selections for Years 11 and 12, Work Experience is an opportunity to begin to explore future career options.

The Work Experience Program is a compulsory element of the Year 10 curriculum. This one week program takes place at the beginning of Term 4. Students will be provided with instruction in Occupational Health and Safety as a prelude to workplace induction by their employer. The Work Experience Guidelines must be given to the employer at the time of arranging the work placement.

It is the individual student’s responsibility to arrange a work placement.

For further information please contact the Careers Co-ordinator, Anne Laba.