House and Mentor Groups

The College House and Mentor groups in Senior School provide the opportunity for students between Year 10 to Year 12 to mix and mentor each other.

The following House Leaders and Pastoral and Learning Mentors (PaLMs) have been allocated to the following Mentor Groups:



House Leader – Ms Lauren Marett    

GAL A – Mr Tom Bridges

GAL B – Ms Jenny Thomson 

GAL C – Mr Joshua Ellenberg  

GAL D – Ms Sugarti Febrinaldi  

GAL E – Ms Karmini Mauree  

GAL F – Mr Alex Guedes 

House Leader – Mr John Bassi   

MAY A – Mr Matt Morse  

MAY B – Ms Lily Kovac  

MAY C – Mr Casey Backhouse  

MAY D – Mr Brad Gilham   

MAY E – Mr Changming Zhang   

MAY F – Ms Indra Nathan   



House Leader – Mr Patrick Nicholls   

MOY A – Ms Jasmin Mathews     

MOY B – Ms Michelle Simmons   

MOY C – Ms Erin Trotman   

MOY D – Mr Salvatore Gulinello    

MOY E – Ms Xiwen Mai   

MOY F – Ms Amy Venema

House Leader – Ms Sarah Parcesepe    

WES A – Ms Daniela Bombardieri Szabo   

WES B – Ms Elizabeth Holligan   

WES C – Ms Megan Bonnici   

WES D – Mr Joseph Smith   

WES E – Ms Anjie Singh   

WES F – Ms Sophie Martin