In recognition of the work in education by Archbishop Thomas Carr, the College is pleased to offer two full scholarships to Year 7 and 10 students.

Who should apply?

Scholarship Examinations are open to students

  • Who already exhibit high levels of academic achievement in all subjects
  • Who perform effectively under Examination conditions
  • Whose academic studies will be enhanced by the awarding of a scholarship

How are the academic scholarships awarded?

The criteria for awarding academic scholarships will be determined by the Principal in consultation with the Deputy Principal and the Director of Learning and Teaching. Excellent results will be required in:

  • Mathematical ability
  • Literacy

Ongoing academic performance

The awarding of a scholarship is subject to periodic performance reviews which addresses the criteria applicable to all scholarships, whilst placing particular emphasis on the standards in the College’s Promotions Policy.

A review will be conducted at the end of Semester 2 and an interview will be scheduled with the Director of Learning and Teaching to ensure excellence in academic studies is being maintained. Participants should also endeavour to achieve Beacon Awards throughout the year.

Applications for Scholarships for 2020 are now closed.