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From the Deputy Principal, Ms Angelico

05 August 2022

While students are in the process of designing their learning programs for 2023 and looking toward their future pathways, we are also spending much energy and time in study skills and motivating students to work to the best of their ability.

This term all year levels have been engaging in retreats and powerful motivational workshops as well as in local and state-wide competitions. Congratulations especially to the students of Indonesian and their teachers, Ms Shaw and Ms Febrinaldi for their successes highlighted in the article below. Congratulations also to the students who participated in STEM MAD finals yesterday. We are extremely proud of the many successes our students are experiencing in many aspects of school life. As always there is much to celebrate at Thomas Carr College!

Another focus this term has been inspiring students to strive for excellence by motivating each other and strengthening their study skills. Two initiatives are the 40+ Club and the peer-to-peer Student Coaching Program which have been initiated by Dr. Alexandre Guedes.

Student Coaching Program is designed to support students completing a Unit 3 and 4 VCE Study in Year 11 by pairing them with a student coach who achieved an above-average score for that study in 2021. The Student Coaches have tremendous experiences from last year that can help to guide their Coachee with the challenges that they must navigate to maximise their score in 2022. Student Coaches undertake a supportive role and provide advice to their Coachee. Their invaluable experience has taught them what worked well and which strategies they employed to be successful with their studies.

The 40+ Club inaugural session was held today, Friday 5 August. Our first guest speakers for the program were: Atieng Maker and Mackayli Lee, two past students who achieved tremendous results during the tumultuous lockdown period of 2020-2021. They are wonderful inspirational role models for our students to learn from and this first session was very well attended. We look forward to further updates from Dr. Guedes in the next Beacon.

We are looking forward to the musical production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which we are sure will be amazing! Book your tickets here as they are selling quickly.

Good Samaritan Campus – Family Fun Open Day – Sunday 11 September

A reminder that we encourage you to attend the Good Samaritan Campus to see and experience the programs we offer at our country campus. For more information please click here and to RSVP via the Operoo.