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Year 9 Chinese Students’ Immersive Experience

30 May 2024

On Thursday 23 May, our Year 9 Chinese language students embarked on an enriching excursion to Melbourne’s vibrant Chinatown. This immersive experience was a significant component of their Chinese language and cultural studies, offering them a hands-on opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of Chinese heritage in Melbourne.

The day began with a fascinating guided tour of the Chinese Museum. Students explored the comprehensive exhibits detailing the history of China and the life of early Chinese migrants in Australia. This deep dive into the past provided valuable insights into the contributions and experiences of the Chinese community in shaping Australian society.

The students then participated in a cultural workshop on Chinese knotting, a traditional art form that symbolises good luck and prosperity. This hands-on activity not only honed their fine motor skills but also connected them with an important cultural practice, fostering a deeper appreciation for Chinese traditions.

Our tour continued with visits to several historical sites within Chinatown. The students learned about the significance of these landmarks and their roles in preserving Chinese culture and history in Australia. These visits underscored the importance of heritage conservation and the stories behind the vibrant community of Chinatown.

Lunchtime was a delightful culinary adventure as students savoured traditional Chinese dishes at a local restaurant. This gastronomic experience was a perfect way to connect with the culture through its rich and diverse cuisine, allowing students to appreciate the flavours and culinary techniques that define Chinese food.

This excursion was a memorable and educational journey, enhancing our students’ understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language and culture. It provided them with a unique perspective on the historical and contemporary significance of the Chinese community in Australia.

We encourage other students to embark on similar journeys of cultural discovery. Learning a new language opens doors to understanding and appreciating diverse cultures, enriching our lives in countless ways. The Year 9 excursion to Melbourne Chinatown is a testament to the value of immersive, experiential learning in fostering global citizens.

Dr. Chong Zhou
Teacher of Chinese