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Year 7 Science Delivery – University of Melbourne

28 July 2023

Earlier this month, the University of Melbourne: Science Delivery held a two-day incursion with our Year 7 students. The incursion was an extraordinary experience, filled with captivating scientific explorations. Our students delved into various fascinating realms of science, immersing themselves in various demonstrations. The show featured awe-inspiring experiments involving sound waves, the exhilarating spectacle of hydrogen balloon explosions, and the cutting-edge technology of drones, among many other highlights.

Refection from Supraj Manem and Shaurya Chauhan, Year 7 Orange

Firstly, I would like to thank the University of Melbourne for coming to our school and giving us a lesson on what their fields of Science are and what they do. Secondly, the students from Melbourne University opened the lesson with a brief introduction about themselves and their fields of Science. 

The first activity was about sound waves and how they work. Then we got a demonstration about how drones and Geography is used in Science. Then we got an explanation about how Artificial Intelligence works and a few students got to test out the noughts and crosses game (no one beat the AI). Later we got a demonstration of how scientific equations work and how chemicals react when mixed.

Finally, the University students showed an experiment about mixing Hydrogen, Chlorine, and Zinc. We later got into groups, and the students hosted activities for each group to complete. Finally, the students told us about their background stories and a day in a life of a university student. 

In conclusion, we appreciated the University of Melbourne students for spending time with us to inform us more about science.

Dr Lucy Cassar

Learning Area Leader Science and STEM