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Year 7 Excursion to the Melbourne Museum

12 May 2023

On Tuesday, our Year 7 Humanities students ventured out to Melbourne Museum to see the First Peoples Exhibition. The exhibit is a wonderful display of stories, culture, objects and images that demonstrate Indigenous Australian life.  

In Year 7, students study the ancient worlds, firstly exploring Ancient Australia. Students study different aspects of Ancient Australian culture and practices including the way Indigenous people used and managed the land, their cultural languages, rituals and traditions, and the unique aspects of conflict and death. Upon arrival, students were greeted by the museum staff with “Wominjeka”, which means ‘Welcome’ in the language of the Traditional Owners of the Land, the Woi Wurrung People. Following this, students explored the diverse cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians through the viewing of artefacts, interactive activities, and the viewing of generation-to-generation-stories.

Year 7 students exploring artefacts in the First Peoples Exhibit
Year 7 students exploring artefacts in the First Peoples Exhibit

After exploring the exhibit, students walked through the Milarri Garden Trail, a beautiful Indigenous Garden that pays tribute to the Aboriginal people of south-eastern Australia and their traditional uses of indigenous plants. The trail is a display of sculptures, a cave, Indigenous paintings, and plants used in Ancient Australia to survive. Students had the task of researching and locating plants that were used for food, medicine and to construct canoes and boomerangs. This was another engaging experience for our Year 7 students as their learning was brought to life in the garden.

The Milarri Garden Walk

A special thanks to the Humanities teachers for their efforts on the day. It was an enriching opportunity for our students to visualise life in Ancient Australia.

Students of 7 Aqua and 7 Blue in the Milarri Garden

Ms Ashley Saliba

Learning Area Leader Humanities