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Year 7 Chinese Visited The Temple of Heaven

06 April 2023

The Year 7 Chinese class was taken to the Temple of Heaven on Tuesday 21 March with Regina Wan, a Teacher from MEG (My Education Group). The hybrid program between Thomas Carr College and MEG is aiming to provide students globalised learning that brings together the language learning experience with live and interactive lessons.  Working closely with MEG has improved student’s speaking skills and confidence.

On 21 March during our Cultural Dress Up Day, students got to visit the Temple of Heaven in Beijing via the world wide web. The Temple has only just re-opened after COVID, and students were excited and listened attentively to the explanation of historical relics and architecture.  Even though, it was only 10 minutes, the students are looking forward to visiting China again soon and recently the most popular question has been, “When are we visiting China, Feb Laoshi (teacher)?”.

The students of 7 White listened carefully to the introduction and enjoyed the experience, making sure they took cultural notes.  They were guided by Regina Wan from MEG and Mike Le, their Mandarin teacher. The more curious students at the front noticed the beautiful Temple architecture.

It was definitely a rewarding experience for students and teachers alike.

7 White listened carefully to the introduction and enjoyed the trips to Beijing from Melbourne
Students listened and writing down cultural notes
Attentive boys at the front witnessed and enjoyed the beautiful architecture of the Temple
Their tour guide, Regina Wan, teacher from MEG in Beijing and Mr. Mike Le, their regular Mandarin teacher

Ms Sugarti Febrinaldi
Learning Area Leader – Languages