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Year 11 Vocational Major, Literacy – Respectful use of Social Media

09 August 2023

As part of the VM Literacy Unit component, students from the program delivered a presentation to Year 7 Gold students, raising awareness about the respectful use of social media. The presentation focused on crucial topics, including the importance of respectful use of social media and ways of expressing opinions and communicating on social media and employing effective strategies.

The VM Literacy students were enthusiastic to present, while the Year 7s attentively listened and actively engaged, sharing their own insights, and posing questions. This interaction served as an excellent opportunity to foster meaningful connections and exchange experiences between the senior and junior students within the school community. We extend our sincere gratitude to Ms Liew and Year 7 Gold students for accommodating our Vocational Major students during this session.

Indra Nathan

Head of English, Senior School