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Year 10 City Experience – 7 September: Assumption Term 3

16 September 2022

Nadja Probst Year10  Galway E

City experience was an incredible opportunity for the Year 10’s at Thomas Carr College, to come together as a year level and create an extremely memorable high school experience. After unfortunately missing out on this excursion last year due to COVID, we were all extremely excited to hear that we were, in fact, able to go this year. We began the day by exploring the RMIT campus, where we participated in challenges within our House groups. Afterwards, we explored the city, and took part in additional challenges that required us to take photos with various landmarks around Melbourne, strengthening our independence and ability to navigate our way throughout the city. We were then lucky enough to attend the multi award-winning Broadway hit musical ‘Hairspray’ at Regent Theatre, where we appreciated the wonderful show that the cast put on. Many, including myself, found this day to be highly valuable and one of the many things that we will remember about our time at the college. A big thanks to Ms Marett for organising this excursion, and to the many staff that attended, for making this experience come to life!

The breath-taking Regent Theatre, where Year 10 students had the opportunity to watch the Broadway hit musical ‘Hairspray’.
Navigating our way through the city, meanwhile completing the challenges set and appreciating the beautiful city of Melbourne.

Claire Glowacki Year10 Westport F

On Wednesday 7 September 2022, the Year 10s travelled to RMIT and The Regent Theatre. RMIT was a great experience, being put into house, team challenges to find an item poster etc., that started with a certain letter. The group were given 20 minutes to explore around the campus and we were submitting out photos to our guide and hopefully win some prizes which was a great opportunity.  Going to The Regent Theatre to watch Hairspray the Musical, based in Baltimore in the 1960s. The Musical was filled with real life experiences and relatable topics for people our age as well as jokes which made everyone laugh. The musical was great and myself and others really enjoyed the show and would highly recommend. Overall Year 10 city experience was a day which was filled with great experiences and challenges which help with communication and team building with each other forming new relationships between students.

Quick lunch break at a lovely café, eating croissants and drinking iced chocolates after exploring the city.
State Library of Victoria established 168 years ago in 1854, fulfilling one of the set challenges, to ‘find a historical landmark around the city’.