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VCE Unit 3&4 Revised Practice Examination Timetable

15 September 2022

Due to Thursday 22 September 2022 now being declared a public holiday we have had to revise the practice examination timetable to fit within four days commencing Friday 16 September 2022 and concluding Wednesday 21 September 2022.

Students are reminded that:

  • These practice examinations are compulsory – please notify the college if you are absent on the day of a scheduled examination.
  • They must attend in full winter uniform
  • They must have their ID with them on the day to be permitted into the examination centre
  • They must bring all the necessary equipment with them such as pens, pencils, erasers, dictionary and/or calculator where permitted.
  • Digital devices such as smart phones and watches, EarPods etc must be left in students’ locker

Students who have examination clashes will be notified via email to let them know which examination to attend.

Practice Examination Timetable

Friday 16 September 2022
Literature English Language
1.15pm – 3.30pm
Languages: Indonesian
Languages: Italian
Monday 19 September 2022
8.30am – 11.30am
* English Language Clashes
* English Literature Clashes
8.30am – 11.15am
Business Management
11.45am – 2.00pm
Environmental Science
Applied Computing: Analytics
Legal Studies
Studio Art
Religion And Society
2.45pm – 5.00pm
Further Mathematics (Exam 1)
Specialist Mathematics (Tech Free)
*Business Management Clash
Tuesday 20 September 2022
8.30am – 11.15am
History: Ancient History
Media Studies
Product Design and Technology – Textiles
* Religion And Society Clashes
* Literature Clashes
*Chemistry clashes
11.45am – 2.00pm
Further Mathematics (Exam 2)
Specialist Mathematics (Tech Active)
2.45pm – 5.00pm
Mathematical Methods (Tech Free)
Physical Education Unit
*Studio Art Clashes
Wednesday 21 September 2022
8.30am – 11.15am
System Engineering
Visual Communication Design
11.45am – 2.00pm
Mathematical Methods  (Tech Active)
Food Technology
2.45pm – 5.00pm
Health And Human Development
Music Performance