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Student Liturgy Leader Introduction

30 May 2024

We would like to introduce you to one of our Liturgy Captains, Nathan Rodrigues. Nathan is very passionate about our spiritual connection with the Catholic Faith. He attends many faith focused activities outside of school which allows him to grow even further in what he enjoys.

Nathan writes: 

In my role as the Middle School Liturgy Captain, my responsibilities extend beyond leading the religious aspects of our Catholic school. Together with Beau, our Senior Liturgy captain, as well as our dedicated team, we have achieved many things this year. From organising meaningful prayer services to coordinating special events that bring students closer to their faith, it has been a rewarding journey of service and dedication. 

At the beginning of the year. We led multiple prayer services over the PA announcement system. Our most recent one was the Pentecost service. As part of liturgy captain, Beau and I have been heavily involved with school masses and assemblies such as the recent Thomas Carr day mass. 

Thomas Carr is a unique school of different backgrounds, and different stories to tell. This is great! And it all combines to create our story, the story of Thomas Carr College. Thomas Carr was the second archbishop of Melbourne and began the foundation of catholic education in Melbourne. Thomas Carr led a life of service, love, and kindness and this is what being liturgy captain is all about. Serving others, showing love, spreading kindness, and letting our lights shine. Leadership brings a huge opportunity to inspire others and allows me to let my light shine and to inspire others to shine. 

Nathan Rodrigues
Middle School Liturgy Captain