Student Leadership

Student Leadership

At Thomas Carr College we believe that students need to develop a strong sense of social justice and the skills that equip them to become active members of our society. This includes optimism, enthusiasm and resilience. They need to be encouraged to not only achieve one’s best, but to extend themselves beyond the norm and to have the courage to “reach for the stars”. Leadership can be personal but is also related to serving others and contributing to the wider College Community. The College provides many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and to participate in leaderships activities and we encourage participation of students at all levels and across all aspects of College life.

Opportunities for student leadership include the College Captains and Vice-Captains, the Student Representative Council (SRC), House Leaders, College Ambassadors, Peer Support Leaders, Social Justice Leaders and the Catholic Identity Team, and Music Captains. Leaders are selected by a nomination/election process which is closely overseen by the Deputy Principal and Heads of School.

An essential component of an effective leadership program is the provision of training opportunities for all leaders and a regular review of all aspects of this program. Student Leaders are encouraged to participate in external leadership forums, conferences and events and our College leaders attend the National Youth Leaders Conference, where they work with a range of young leaders within Australia.

College Captains and Vice-Captains represent the College at a range of Community and National events and are responsible for successfully presenting a proud and positive image of the College. They are actively involved in the planning and running of whole school events and lead the Executive of the SRC.

The 2017 Senior School Leadership Team

Brandan Barlow – School Captain

Marisa Esposito – School Captain

Jack Butler – School Vice Captain

Alexie Barlow – School Vice Captain

The 2017 College Leaders at the National Youth Forum in November 2016