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St Patrick’s Cathedral Mass for National Catholic Education Conference on 6 September 2022: Reflection by Eliam Bairu

15 September 2022

On Tuesday 6 September 2022, a small group of students were invited to Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral for the National Catholic Education Conference. The Mass was led by Archbishop Peter Comensoli and it was a really sacred and beautiful mass. There were many highlights on the day but for me personally, two events really stood out.

The first one was the children’s choir. At the end of the Mass, the children’s choir came to the front and started to sing a hymn. They were very adorable, and their singing was angelic.

The second highlight was also what happened at the end of the Mass. When the Mass was ended, His Grace started to talk to us about the architecture of St Patrick’s Cathedral. He told us that St Patrick’s architectural style was French Gothic (a French design in buildings). He also said that the architect had purposely made the windows out of amber glass which comes from Italy to capture Melbourne’s sunlight. The glass windows were very colourful and stunning.

Overall, the experience was really amazing, and it even allowed us to meet the Archbishop of Melbourne, Peter Comensoli.

– Eliam Bairu, Year 8 White