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28 March 2024

House Swimming Carnival- Friday 16 February

The House Swimming Carnival was held at Werribee Outdoor Pool on Friday 16 February in perfect conditions. The air was filled with anticipation, House spirit and a great sense of community. There was lots of fun in the small pool, novelty events and some great performances in competition. We are pleased to announce the following students placed top three in their year level:

Year 7 BoysYear 7 Girls
1st Bentley Ives (May)Equal 1st Alyssandra Arias (Moy)
2nd Kai Grant (Wes)Equal 1st April Begue (Wes)
Equal 3rd Cooper La (Gal)2nd Isabella Fraser (Wes)
Equal 3rd Manuel Aguilar (Gal)3rd Katelyn Pasternak (Wes)
Equal 3rd Michael Fogarty (Moy)
Year 8 BoysYear 8 Girls
1st Josh Dunkley (Wes)1st Chloe Hume (Moy)
2nd Nitsuh Tesfaye (Wes)2nd Ebony McCartney (Moy)
3rd Glenn Fernandes (May)3rd Prama Verma (Gal)
Year 9 BoysYear 9 Girls
1st Ajush Jogoo (Moy)Equal 1st Holly Hume (Moy)
2nd Nicholas Burridge (Moy)Equal 1st Madi Baker (Moy)
3rd Devansh Chorera (Wes)Equal 2nd Monique Bradley (Wes)
Equal 2nd Alexis Antiga (Moy)
3rd Pheobe Deguara (May)
Year 10 BoysYear 10 Girls
1st Josh Farrales (Gal)1st Sarah Sy (Wes)
2nd Sean Tomelty (May)2nd Tayla Nissen (Wes)
Equal 3rd Rainer Angelo Aristorenas (Wes)3rd Ella Dunkley (Wes)
Equal 3rd Joshua George (Gal)
Year 11 BoysYear 11 Girls
1st Jason Cham (Gal)1st Suliana Tesi (Gal)
2nd Jayse Lubguban (Wes)Equal 2nd Laura Jolley (May)
3rd Josh Alfon (Gal)Equal 2nd Perri Labiano (Wes)
Year 12 BoysYear 12 Girls
1st A’Lisandro Bradford (Wes)1st Jasmine Burridge (Moy)
2nd Kendall Nelson (Gal)2nd Susanna Tomelty (May)
3rd Jack McFarlane (Moy)3rd Daniella Vasile (Moy)

Overall House Swimming Results:

1st – Westport 773pts

2nd – Moylough 680pts

3rd – Galway 528pts

4th – Maynooth- 350pts

Westport, you are the 2024 House Swim Champions, your first House Swim Carnival win since 2012!

Congratulations Sarah Parcesepe, the Senior and Middle School Captains and all students in Westport for winning their first major carnival since 2022 (last winning the House Athletics Carnival).

A big thank you to all who participated on the day. It was great to see everyone showing their House pride.

House Athletics Carnival – Friday March 15

The House Athletics Carnival was held at Newport Athletics in bright sunny conditions on Friday 15 March. It was great to see our Year 12’s decked out in their superhero costumes raising much needed funds for those less fortunate. There was lots of fun in the novelty events (Jenga, Rubik’s Cube, Lego Build, Space Hopper Relay and Street Art competition) and some great performances on the track and in the field events. A big thank you to all students and staff for their support and involvement on the day. It was great to see the whole school together to celebrate this wonderful carnival.

Year 7 BoysYear 7 Girls
1st Rohan Sood (May)1st Jen Tchea (Moy)
2nd Bentley Ives (May)2nd Emily Barrow (Gal)
3rd Havish Jindal (May)3rd Gabriela Fuentes (May)
Year 8 BoysYear 8 Girls
Equal 1st Josh Arora (May)1st Joan Ouma (Moy)
Equal 1st Jordan Arabit (Wes)2nd Atap Kuany (May)
2nd Tehillah Mazenge (Wes)3rd Ebony McCartney (Wes)
3rd Shiven Dangol (Gal)
Year 9 BoysYear 9 Girls
1st Bilal Saamer (Gal)1st Jessica Taylor (Moy)
2nd Callum Smith (Moy)2nd Isabella Fisher (Wes)
3rd Nathan Vaz (Wes)3rd Aaliyah Mukhwana (Gal)
Year 10 BoysYear 10 Girls
Equal 1st Falken Mataipule (Moy)1st Chloe Secoulidis (May)
Equal 1st Preet Joshi (May)2nd Achok Beyong (May)
2nd Josh Farrales (Gal)3rd Akour Mabing (Moy)
3rd Jai Bryan (May)
Year 11 BoysYear 11 Girls
1st Joseph Lettieri (May)1st Carmelice Sajul (Wes)
2nd Jesse Arkadio (Wes)2nd Loren Camilleri (May)
3rd Sam Murrell (Moy)3rd Neve Kwek (Wes)
Year 12 BoysYear 12 Girls
1st Marcus Uhi (Moy)1st Ruby Hogan (Moy)
2nd A’Lisandro Bradford (Wes)2nd Jasmine Burridge (Moy)
3rd Kyle Bwihambi (Wes)3rd Marie Yotoko (May)

Overall House Athletics Results:

1st – Moylough 3968pts

2nd – Westport 3906pts

3rd – Maynooth 3507pts

4th – Galway 3251pts

Congratulations Moylough on being victorious. A super effort by all!

Well done to Paul Abdallah, the Senior and Middle School Captains and all in Moylough on this achievement. It is Moylough’s first Athletics Championship since 2018.

Term 1 SACCSS Senior Sport & Year 10 Premier League Wrap Up

Term 1 has been a massive term in SACCSS Sport, with many one day competitions and Senior Sport Fixtures played.

We have been extremely proud to make the following Grand Finals this term. Please find the results below:

  • Year 10 Girls Basketball defeated Marymede Catholic College (40-29)
  • Senior Girls Netball lost to St Francis Catholic College (48-23)
  • Senior Boys Cricket lost to Salesian College by 16 runs
  • Year 10 Boys B Basketball lost to Salesian College (69-49)
  • Year 10 Boys Soccer lost to Penola Catholic College (2- 1 in extra time)

Congratulations to all teams for qualifying for the Grand Finals. We also congratulate our Year 10 Girl basketballers for being crowned 2024 Champions. A massive achievement by all. Well done Titans!

On top of weekly sport, we have also competed in many one-day tournaments, including Senior Mixed Netball, Open Golf, Mixed Open Tennis, Inter Badminton, Open Girls Cricket and SACCSS Swimming.

We are pleased to let the Community know that we have had many successful team and individual performances in the following events:

  • Our Senior Boys Futsal Team defeated Penola Catholic College (5-2). Congratulations to Joseph Lettieri of Year 11 for being awarded the Peer Award.
  • Puneet Samra and Alexis Antiga of Year 9 won the Inter Girls Badminton D grouping.
  • Emily Quarantotto of Year 12 for winning the Girls Open Golf Championship for the second year running.

Thank you to all of our students who have pulled on the TCC Titan uniform so far this year. We look forward to even more successes in the coming terms, with our Year 7’s getting their first taste of SACCSS Sport in Term 2. We wish them all the very best of luck for their upcoming season.

GO TCC Titans!


Should your child play a sport outside school and receives a concussion, it is important to notify Margie White and the College Nurse prior to your child’s next scheduled SACCSS game or training session. Any child with concussion will be asked to gain a medical certificate to certify they have clearance to resume training and competing in SACCSS. To ensure your child is safe to participate, is our number one priority.

Margie White
Sport and Co-Curricular Leader