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Health and Physical Education Update

17 June 2022

As we approach the end of term, students across all year levels have been working hard to on assessment tasks and preparing for upcoming exams.

Year 7 students are currently working in groups to create an original PE game that their classmates are able to play. Students are required to create, trial and refine their game and provide an instruction card. When presenting to the class, students are required to set-up, explain the rules and lead participation in the game.

Year 8 students have completed a research task exploring the health benefits of Physical Activity. Students identified the type of activity they have participated in, outline the levels of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep required for students of their age and identify the local fitness and recreational services available to them on a map of their local area.

Year 9 Elite Sports Performance students recently had a visit from Invicta Performance and completed a Sports Nutrition session in which they had the opportunity to create a healthy snack. Students worked in small groups and were very eager to outdo each other and create the best protein balls. Please refer to the attachment at the end of the Beacon, so you can make with your child at home. Year 10 students created an advertising campaign to educate young people about the dangers associated with driving and the precautions that they can take to remain safe on the road.

Student submissions focused on the major causes of road accidents.

  • The effects of alcohol and drugs
  • Speeding
  • Dangerous Driving and Distractions
  • Fatigue
  • Inexperience

Year 11 Health and Human Development students have been looking at food and nutrition and investigating the roles and sources of the major nutrients. Students looked at the health and wellbeing consequences of dietary imbalance and consider the factors that influence their food choices.

Year 12 Health and Human Development students have been investigating a range of Health Promotion programs/initiatives to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals and their communities within Australia.

Year 12 Physical Education students have been involved in a variety of practical activities to analyse how the body produces energy and the roles of the cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular systems and in supplying oxygen and energy to the working muscles.

From the Head of Health and Physical Education, Mr Brad Gilham