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Road Safety Reminder

30 May 2024

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Can we ask you to remind your child/children that they must only cross Thomas Carr College Drive and other roads around the College at the pedestrian crossing or traffic lights.

If you are driving your child/children to school please remember that –

  • The speed limit is 40 kilometres around the College, so please slow down to ensue safety for all road users.
  • The speed limit in the Key Carpark is 10 kilometres at all times.
  • When the flags are displayed at a children’s crossing, you must stop for the crossing guard and pedestrians who are waiting to cross, or who have started crossing and you must remain stopped until the crossing is clear.
  • Think before you park, drive, drop off and pick up, even in the Key.
  • Be careful and patient in carparks, and show courtesy to others.
  • Slow down and be alert!  Children can be unpredictable.