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Model of United Nations – Year 12 Indonesian Class

09 August 2023

This year, we are immensely proud of our Year 12 Indonesian students who participated in the Model of United Nations in North Melbourne, representing two diverse nations, France and Singapore. During the day, the students experienced how to discuss and agree upon diplomatic negotiation and public speaking skills on the topic of sustainability.

The students embraced their tasks wholeheartedly by preparing information about both countries and using the information to make changes to the UN amendment. Even though it was their first appearance in the Model of United Nations, the students were able to articulate their opening statements well.

In class, both nations prepared their statements on the issue of sustainability. The students looked at the economic and political power globally and created amendments to ensure the balance of economic development and environmental sustainability. The highlight of the excursion was when the students were comfortable enough to speak in front of their peers to defend causes that they believed were going to change the world into a better place.

Participation in the Model UN is more than just an exercise in public speaking and negotiation. It is an opportunity for our students to better understand the complexities of international relations and to experience firsthand the challenges of diplomacy. It is a testament to their abilities that our Year 12 students were able to step into the shoes of diplomats from diverse nations as France and Singapore, navigating the complexities of their respective policies with skill.

The conference has provided our students with valuable experience in leadership, research, and negotiation – skills that they will undoubtedly carry forward into their future endeavours. Their journey has been a source of inspiration for all students in our school, hopefully encouraging more participants in the future.

We applaud our Year 12 students for their commitment and enthusiasm in representing France and Singapore. They have truly demonstrated the spirit of the Model of United Nations – fostering diplomacy, international understanding, and constructive debate among our future leaders.

Ms Sugarti Febrinaldi

Learning Area Leader Languages