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METS Performance

23 June 2023

On Monday 5 June, the Unit 4 Physical Education class participated in a practical session as part of our new Area of Study. Using the equipment provided by METS Performance, we completed an activity analysis through our participation in a game of Netball, consisting of two 15-minute halves. This allowed us to analyse our movement patterns.
Data was collected to investigate our movement patterns, skill frequencies, work-to-rest ratio, and heart rate throughout the game with the use of GPS trackers, and a drone, which recorded video footage. The physiological responses to exercise of one performer were also able to be tracked with the use of a portable Vo2 max test.
The following lesson in class was dedicated to analysing the footage of the game. This gave us a real-life example and experience of the types of activity analysis. As we study further into this topic, the data will be used to gain a greater understanding of activity analysis, and fitness components.

Keira Eckley
Year 12 Student