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Learning Without Borders

09 August 2023

The College’s VCE students from China attend classes in Melbourne.

Learning isn’t isolated to the four walls of the classroom and preparing students to take their place optimistically in a globalised world requires thinking beyond the box. The College recently welcomed our VCE students from China, during which they attended classes with their Thomas Carr College host student. These real-world experiences to live and study alongside students from other parts of the world help to develop well-rounded students and encourages them to take up their place as active and informed citizens of the world.  

The aim of the visits helps students to understand  

  • Understand the interdependence of the global community. 
  • Build emotional intelligence 
  • Learn to suspend judgment and be flexible in new and different cultural contexts. 
  • Apply effective strategies to deal with ambiguous situations. 
  • Communicate and collaborate more effectively and appropriately with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and identities. 

Well done to all the VCE students and Year 8 Chinese Language class who hosted and were wonderful ambassadors. 

Tom Bridges 

International and Community Partnerships