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Indonesian Speaking Competition – Sayembara Lisan 2022

04 August 2022

This year, we have the largest amount of entries to our annual speaking competition, Sayembara Lisan. We had 12 students signed up and eight got through to the final. Out of the eight students, we had five with placements. The winners and the categories are as follows:

Year 8 Beginning

This group of students only picked up Indonesian in high school and had no exposure or limited exposure to Indonesian in primary school:

1st place – Aaron Macauba (8 Aqua)

2nd place – Vroni Megabiaw (8 Jade)

3rd place – Mary Nguot (8 Jade)

Year 9 Beginning

This group of students has only just picked Indonesian in Year 9:

2nd place – Neve Kwek (9 Silver)

Year 9 Continuing

This group of students has done Indonesian since primary school or are native of the language:

3rd Place – Annabelle Tjoa (9 Silver)

Congratulations to these students for their effort and dedication in giving up their time to practice with Bu Febrinaldi and Bu Shaw. Sayembara Lisan is a competition not just to give students a chance to excel in their speaking, but to engage in the process mimicking the Year 12 Oral Examination. The competition is always popular among the top-performing schools such as Melbourne High School, Goulburn Valley Grammar School, Loreto, Scotch College, MacRobertson, Overnewton, etc. This year, we are very pleased to achieve such an achievement and we look forward to having another great performance in 2023.

Ms Sugarti Febrinaldi – Key Learning Areas Leader, Languages