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Health and Physical Education Update

05 December 2023

During Headstart, Year 8 students participated in three days of swimming lessons at Westbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. During this time, students, learnt how to swim by learning skills such as: floating, diving, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Each student was grouped with students at a similar level to them to ensure students were in a safe space based on their level of experience.  The benefits of the Year 8 students participating in the swimming program was to develop their skills to ensure safety and enjoyment in water-based activities they may participate in the future.

Emily Russell
8 Red

As part of the Year 10 Head Start program, students participated in a self-defence session at City West Taekwondo, located in Hoppers Crossing. The session aimed to teach us how to appropriately defend ourselves in situations that put us in vulnerable positions. We touched base on what to do when being attacked, or when experiencing any form of harassment.

The instructor taught us the simple steps in how to effectively protect yourself from harm. The first step was to shout the word “No!” as loud as we could, with our hands raised to shield our face, but in a firm stance. From there we learned how to dodge or protect ourselves from hits and blows. Following this, we learnt strategies to establish a controlled position with the attacker to maintain balance and stability, ensuring a safe approach while executing necessary movements to protect ourselves.

This lesson was very effective, and we learned simple but impactful ways to protect ourselves in any situation and on behalf of Year 10, we thank the instructors for training us.

Amarin Ashley
Galway C