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Health and Physical Education Update

09 August 2023

As we begin the new term, students across all year levels have been working hard on assessment tasks, and enjoying a range of experiences that the College has to offer.

Year 7 students are currently undertaking a ‘Fitness’ unit for Lifelong Physical Activities. Students have performed a range of fitness tests and are assessing their progress over the course of the semester.

Year 8 students are currently undertaking an assessment task for Nutrition that requires them to be a ‘MasterChef’. Students are required to make a healthy version of a ‘junk food’, such as a pizza or burger. This includes finding a recipe, preparing and cooking the meal for the family. I hope that each of you enjoy the taste of the end result.

Year 9 Elite Sports Performance students recently had a visit from Invicta Performance and completed a ‘Draft Combine’ in which they undertook a range of fitness tests to assess their physical strengths and weaknesses. Students also attended Invicta Performance in Werribee, where they had the opportunity to visit the facilities enjoyed by VFL Footballers. The focus of this session was on recovery methods, with students enjoying the experience of the hot and cold baths, and some meditation.

Year 10 students have begun either the Team Sports or Recreational Sports elective. Team Sports students have begun creating teams to run a sporting competition. Part of this task includes developing a website and performing team roles such as a coach, trainer, journalist, media manager. Recreation Sports students have been participating in some lifelong physical activity such as Yoga and Dance as they look to establish healthy lifestyles that involve physical activity.

Year 11 Health and Human Development students have been looking at stages of the lifespan and the considerations of becoming a parent. This includes participating in the ‘Baby Think It Over’ program, where each student has to care of a mannequin baby for 24 hours and complete a research task on the experience.

Year 12 Physical Education students have been involved in a variety of practical activities that involve a range of training methods in order to link to improved sporting performance. These sessions will form part of a SAC that see students design individual training sessions and reflect on their participation in these activities.

Brad Gilham

Learning Leader, Health and Physical Education