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Good Samaritan Campus

Good Samaritan Campus

09 June 2023

There are definitely some advantages to attending the Good Samaritan Campus week three in the wintertime as the young women from 9 Purple discovered.

Our week one started with some challenging weather whilst out mountain biking and orienteering, but as Sir Billy Connolly one said ‘there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing’. So we donned on our Good Samaritan rain coats and pants and lived a little. Needless to say these items of clothing were to become the staple for the rest of the three weeks.

The unique experience came in the third week as the adjoining Coragulac Kindergarten celebrated Winter Solstice. The Thomas Carr Students were warmly welcomed to join in the night’s celebration with the Coragulac community, making lanterns and a large bonfire.

Our resident artist Veronica has been working with our students from Year 9 Jade and Year 9 Purple to create wire bird sculptures for the crossXpollination festival happening at COPAC in Colac. After viewing their own work on display, our students received a special tour presented by two feature artists of the exhibition explaining their work and how it was created, what a treat!

The Good Samaritan Staff were impressed by Year 9 Purple took on challenges and overcame any reservations when trying new classes and activities. We’d also like to thank Lauren Girardi and Jeremy Wirges taking the time in the second week to join the girls on their field studies.

Ms. Vanessa Tait
Manager: Good Samaritan Campus