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Good Samaritan Campus

Good Samaritan Campus

28 March 2024

Term 1 at the Good Samaritan Campus was a busy one, and our Year 8 Shine camp was the first time we saw ten PaLMS from the same year level through these doors. We also launched into our Year 9 program starting with 9 White.

The Year 8 Shine program was a great success even though the extreme heat created challenges, including an extreme fire rating. Students and staff demonstrated their flexibility by running raft building competitions and a second water challenge on Lake Colac.

The Year 8 camping experience was held at Possum Ridge Glamping site Yeodene where they underwent mountain bike riding, race around planet mud and the crowd favourite, Tree Top Adventures. These activities form a good base for the 2025 Year 9 program, to help our students feel more confident returning for the two-week country experience.

9 White finished the term in style, visiting magnificent waterfalls, giant redwood forests, dormant volcanoes and tackling mountain bike trails in Forrest, and that was only in the first week!

The Great Ocean Road walk did not disappoint in the second week, providing amazing vistas and friendly campers.

On behalf of the Good Samaritan Campus staff down here in sunny Coragulac, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the Year 8 PaLMS who assisted us with our program, we could not have done it without you.

We look forward to seeing the rest of the Year 9 cohort during the year.

Vanessa Tait
Manager – Good Samaritan Campus