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From the Principal, Mr Holmes

05 August 2022

Dear Families and community members,

As we continue to adjust to the changing times we will aim to be our best as a Catholic College. In the words of our first Australian Saint, Mary MacKillop: ‘When I could not see my way God kept my heart full of trust to make all come right’.  This was written in 1883, and here we are today facing challenges with a timely reminder that we need to ‘Find Happiness in making others happy’. 

I am very proud that a group of students and staff are participating tonight in the Vinnies Winter Sleepout. We know that times are tough for people at the present time, emotionally and economically.  If you can afford to donate to this cause, it would be appreciated.

On Thursday a group of our senior students raised an important flag at the College.  The flag represents the various countries that our students come from, over 70 different countries.  This is an absolute celebration of the cultural diversity of Thomas Carr College. 

As a school we are obliged to perform regular emergency drills so that our student and staff members are aware of how to respond to emergencies. Earlier this year we practised an evacuation drill.  Please be clear that the students are always informed that this is not a real situation and that we are going through the process to make sure everyone knows what is expected. This Term we will hold a practice lockdown drill in accordance with our safety protocols.

Mr Craig Holmes, Principal