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From the Principal

16 February 2024

What a fantastic start to the year we have had. It has been wonderful to welcome all our students back with such joy and enthusiasm. We have commenced the year with a strong focus on building connection and ensuring positive conditions for learning. Students have embraced these focuses and have been engaging positively.

We are very lucky to have a phenomenal staff here at Thomas Carr College. Our staff are collegial, dedicated and passionate. This year we have welcomed a number of highly experienced and capable new staff members.

  • Steven Avis
  • Damian Bernardo
  • Peter Botrous
  • Emily Bridgman
  • Chiarene Cooper
  • Gabby Dillon
  • Jody Edhouse
  • Anne Engebretsen
  • Anthony Huynh
  • Cooper King
  • Anne Laba
  • Terja Lange
  • Mirella Luca
  • Silvana Lusi
  • Gilbert Menezes
  • Claire Naraghi
  • Oliver Pond
  • Alice Power
  • Kelley Revelman
  • Melroy Romauld
  • Jenna Watkins
  • Chong Zhou

Unfortunately, we still have a few teaching positions to fill as we continue to experience the challenges of the teacher shortage across Victoria. We are working very hard to recruit high-quality teachers for these positions.

Our positive start to the year was further highlighted at our Year 7 Welcome BBQ last week. This event provided an opportunity for families to meet each other, meet key staff and to see their child’s learning spaces. It was hugely successful with over 450 attendees; a really valuable way for us to begin our partnership with families. Thank you to everyone who attended – there was a great buzz in the air.

Earlier this week our Year 12’s have been out on Retreat, providing an opportunity for them to reflect on their relationship with faith, strengthen relationships and set the tone for their year. I was fortunate enough to visit both Retreats and was impressed by the engagement of students and their reverence. A special thank you to the staff who take the time away from their own families to attend our overnight stays, enabling these experiences for students.

The week rounds out with our House Swimming Carnival. It was great to see the active participation of so many students. Events such as these provide further opportunities to build community and allow student gifts to shine.

A reminder that students can only be onsite during times of supervision. Supervision within the yard is provided for students between 8:30am and 3:30pm each day. In addition to this, students can access the College Information Centre between 8:00am and 4:30pm each day.

It was fitting that our Year 12 Retreat took place earlier this week, providing a good basis for those students as Lent commenced. Lent is a very solemn time that allows us to reflect and build self-discipline as we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. In a culture dominated by consumerism, fasting over the next forty days provides an opportunity for us to step back and contemplate things as they are and as they are in relationship to God whilst deepening our faith. I also encourage you all to adopt an act of service for Lent, remembering that our College theme for 2024 is ‘Through love, serve one another’. Whether that be a random act of kindness each day, serving people in need through local community or visiting those who are lonely. Adopting an act of service will make Lent a more meaningful period for you and deepen your connection with your faith.

“When you have done it for [them], you have done it for me.”

Rose Connolly