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28 March 2024

It is pretty hard to wipe the smile off my face at the moment. I am incredibly proud of our students and staff for the wonderful term we have had. It has certainly been busy with lots of events. Most recently, our Year 7s went on Camp, our Year 9 Country Experiences began and we had our House Athletics Carnival. It has been fantastic to see students (and staff) embrace these opportunities; challenging themselves to have a go at something different. Last week we were also able to celebrate the rich diversity of our Community with Harmony Week celebrations, culminating in a wonderful display of cultural dress and dance on Friday afternoon. It was definitely an enriching way to end the week. 

I cannot commend enough, our students and staff, for how they have positively engaged throughout the term. Thomas Carr College is such a wonderful community and this has been evident on so many occasions this term. 

As we move into the Term One break, a reminder to be diligent in how your teens are engaging with social media. At least 90% of the conflicts between students that we deal with at school have arisen through social media. Conflict via social media often increases over holiday periods as our young people are spending more time on their phones. Attentive, engaged parenting is key in helping your child understand how to engage positively via social media. Just like we would not let our teens drive without lessons and a clear understanding of the road rules, there should be a similar approach to social media use.  

  • Have proactive discussions with your teen about how they use social media. 
  • Understand how your teen uses the internet. 
  • Model the right behaviour. 
  • Empower your teen to be an upstander rather than a bystander. 
  • Remember not to be too critical, but to use information as a basis for communication about the content and how to respond responsibly. 
  • Sometimes it is easiest to have conversations whilst doing something together, like going on a walk or a car trip. 
  • Ask questions about how your teen feels or would respond: 
    • Have you seen anyone being bullied online? How did you think that made them feel? How did you feel? Has anything like this ever happened to you? 
    • If someone were to share an image of you without your permission, how do you think you’d respond? What could you do to share how you feel about this happening? 
    • What could you do if someone you know is being bullied online? 

The key is not to remove access to social media but to build the capacity for responsible use of social media.  

The eSafety Commission have lots of great resources to assist parents in cyber related issues.  

Easter is a time of hope, renewal and rebirth, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It is one of the most important celebrations in our Catholic calendar. Jesus’ resurrection gives meaning and direction to our lives; a reminder of our ability to be victorious over sin. Through his resurrection, Jesus recognises us, invites us to peace and he sends us out to carry on his work. Take the time over the coming days to gather with your families, friends and loved ones to both celebrate and reflect on the blessings in your lives.  

A reminder that students commence Term Two on Monday 15 April. In Week Two of Term Two, the College will be closed on Thursday 25 April and Friday 26 April. 

Thank you to you all for your support throughout the term and for entrusting us to inspire the hearts and minds of your children.  We pray for a safe and restful time for students, staff and families over the Easter holiday period. 

Rose Connolly