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From the Director of Students (Senior School)

17 November 2023

As we draw to the close of another year at Thomas Carr College it is with pride and satisfaction that we reflect on the achievements and growth witnessed throughout the year. 2023 has been a journey for many students marked by dedication, resilience, hard work, and a real commitment to personal growth.

Thomas Carr College students have excelled in various ways, showcasing their academic prowess and hard work. Students from all year levels have just completed their final examinations which will reflect not only the depth of their knowledge but also their ability to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We need to commend all students who studied hard, completed revision, and dedicated themselves to their very best during this exam period.

Beyond the classrooms, students continue to shine brightly in extracurricular activities. From SACCSS sports, Art Exhibitions and to Year 7 Music performances, the talents displayed have been nothing short of remarkable. These activities not only fostered a sense of community but also allowed students to explore and develop skills beyond the normal academic studies.

The Year 12 cohort, their families and staff will gather soon to commemorate the graduation of the Year 12 class of 2023. This ceremony marks not only the culmination of a significant educational journey but also the beginning of a new chapter for our graduates.

The Class of 2023 has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement throughout their College journey. Their diligence, perseverance, and curiosity will hopefully be reflected in impressive examination results and noteworthy accomplishments across various subjects. As the graduates embark on their individual journeys, we are confident that the skills, knowledge, and values instilled during their time at Thomas Carr will serve as a strong foundation. The future holds endless possibilities for these young minds, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact they will make in their chosen fields.

Tony Muller

Director of Students (Senior School)