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From the Deputy Principal, Strategic Development and Curriculum

20 October 2023

The Advent Term – A Time of Anticipation and Preparation

The start of the Advent Term has been an exciting time, filled with anticipation especially for the Class of 2023.  The first three weeks of this term have been focussed on the preparation of the Year 12 students for the final VCAA examinations and preparing those not completing examinations for their graduation and transition from secondary school to their next adventure.   

Celebrating the Class of 2023

We are extremely proud of our Year 12 students who have participated in final classes and a range of celebrations beginning with the final whole College Assembly on Monday. On Tuesday we enjoyed the traditional Year 12 Breakfast and on Tuesday evening, the Graduation Mass and Ceremony.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Year 12 students who will be sitting their final written examinations beginning next week. Wishing you every success as you approach the VCAA examinations and remember to be confident and focussed!  As the Class of 2023 enters the world of work or further study, may you always remember to be your best version of yourself and shine brightly!

We pray that the Thomas Carr College community has prepared you to be optimistic, active and informed citizens who will contribute positively to society and achieve your goals and dreams with respect, kindness, compassion and determination.

Thank you to all the Senior School Pastoral and Learning Mentors, the Year 12 subject teachers and the House Leaders for their support of the students. Thank you to all the staff members who have supported the development of our Year 12 students over their six years at Thomas Carr spiritually, academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

Year 7-11 Examinations, Booklist and HeadStart 2024

The Year 7-11 students are currently finalising assessments and preparing for examinations. Students ae encouraged to set aside study and revision time each day in action to completing set homework tasks.

At the conclusion of the examination period, we will be holding the annual awards ceremony which this year will be called A Day to Shine, followed by the launching of HeadStart 2024. In preparation for the new academic year, HeadStart 2024 will begin on Tuesday 21 November – Tuesday 5 December. All students who will be undertaking Years 8-12 in 2024 are expected to attend the Headstart program which will be providing varied experiences for all year levels.

Year 11 and 12 students will be undertaking classes for all their new subjects and homework will be set, in readiness for their first assessment in 2024 academic year. Within the first 4 weeks of Term 1 2024, VCE students can expect.

In order to fully participate in VCE classes is essential that VCE students have their new textbooks and resources. To facilitate this, we have made arrangements with Campion to have the orders placed early and delivered in time for HeadStart. Families have been sent the 2024 Booklists for Years 10, 11 and 12 via Operoo, please ensure that you follow the instructions for ordering.

Wishing all our students the very best as they prepare to conclude this academic year with great success and pride in their work and achievements.

Lucy Angelico

Deputy Principal, Strategic Development and Curriculum