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From the Deputy Principal – Staff and Learning Operations

02 September 2022

At Thomas Carr College, we place great value in students, teachers and parents working in partnership to foster a strong and sustainable learning culture.

Progress Reports and the upcoming Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are a great opportunity for parents to work in partnership with their child’s teachers in developing a shared understanding of what student progress looks like for their son or daughter. These are also opportunities for teachers to provide feedback to students about their learning and how they can develop the strategies to excel with their studies next term.

Term 3 Progress Reports

On Monday 5 September, Term 3 Progress Reports will be available for families to access via the Parent Access Module (PAM).

Progress Reports are designed to provide feedback on a range of areas related to your child’s learning, study habits and overall progress. These reports provide feedback on your child’s progress throughout the term and form the basis for discussion at the upcoming Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences to be held at the end of this term.

To access your child’s Term 3 Progress Report, please log on to the Parent Access Module (PAM) using your personal USERNAME and PASSWORD details.

For direct access to PAM please click on the link below.

Parent Access Module (PAM) Log In

If you require assistance in accessing your username or password, please follow the prompts on PAM. 

All other questions related to these interviews can be directed to your child’s Pastoral and Learning Mentor (PaLM), Year Level Leader (Years 7 to 9) or House Leader (Years 10 to 12).

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences

Based on the current COVID-Safe protocols, the upcoming Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences (PTS) will be held online.

All teaching staff will be available for interviews using MS TEAMS on the following dates:

  • Monday 12 September (4pm to 8pm)
  • Thursday 15 September (4pm to 8pm)

Families will receive further information on PAM and Operoo outlining how to book interviews with their child’s teachers.

Bookings will open on Monday 5 September and close the day prior to the above listed dates.

As we approach the end of the term, we encourage your son or daughter to continue to the apply themselves to the best of their ability across all their subjects, and we look forward to discussing your child’s progress with you during the upcoming PTS Conferences.