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From the Deputy Principal, Staff and Learning Operations

07 September 2023

At Thomas Carr College, we place great value in students, teachers and parents working in partnership to foster a strong and sustainable learning culture.

Progress Reports and the upcoming Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are a great opportunity for parents to work in partnership with their child’s teachers in developing a shared understanding of what student progress looks like for their son or daughter. These are also opportunities for teachers to provide feedback to students about their learning and how they can develop the strategies to excel with their studies as they prepare for the end of the year.

As we end the Assumption Term, I encourage all our students to reflect on the year so far and to be proud of their individual achievements. I also encourage all our students to take on the advice from their teachers, and use the feedback received to establish the strategies that will allow them to improve their learning and to achieve success in all their subjects.

On behalf of the College, I would like to thank you for your support as we continue to work in partnership with your child to enable them to shine in all that they do at Thomas Carr College.

Term 3 Progress Reports

Term 3 Progress Reports are now available for families to access via the Parent Access Module (PAM). These reports provide feedback on your child’s progress throughout the Assumption Term (Term 3) and form the basis for discussion at the upcoming Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences.

To access your child’s Term One Progress Report, please log on to the Parent Access Module (PAM) using your personal USERNAME and PASSWORD details.

For direct access to PAM please click on the link below.

Parent Access Module (PAM) Log In

If you require assistance in accessing your username or password, please follow the prompts on PAM. 

All other questions related to these interviews can be directed to your child’s Pastoral and Learning Mentor (PaLM), Year Level Leader (Years 7 to 9) or House Leader (Years 10 to 12).

Parent-Teacher-Student (PTS) Conferences

A reminder that the upcoming PTS Conferences will be conducted using a hybrid-model of both online and onsite interviews.

All teaching staff will be available for interviews on the following dates:

  • Thursday 14 September (4pm to 8pm) ** These will be held online using MS TEAMS.
  • Friday 15 September (9am to 1pm) ** These will be held onsite.

The Booking System for these interviews is now open for you to access on PAM. Please click on ‘Parent Teacher Interviews’ to begin booking an interview with your child’s teachers. When making a booking, please note the following key steps:

  • Click on your choice of “Online” or “In-Person Parent Teacher Interviews” to see your child’s classes.
  • For online interviews (Thursday 14 September), open the PAM interview booking screen and click on the link that will be available at that time. This will connect you to the teacher in their online meeting room either via the MS Teams app or via a web browser.
  • The online booking system will close at 9am on the day before each of the above listed dates.

Further information outing how to access your child’s Term 3 Progress Reports and the upcoming PTS Conferences has been sent to families via Operoo and is also available to view in the Daily Messages section on SIMON.

As we approach the end of the term, we encourage your son or daughter to continue to the apply themselves to the best of their ability across all their subjects and we look forward to discussing your child’s progress with you during the upcoming PTS Conferences.

Student Study Day (Friday 20 October)

A letter has been sent to families on Operoo informing you that Friday 20 October 2023 has been listed on the College calendar as a ‘Student Study Day’. 

Students are not required to attend the College on this date, and they are encouraged to:

  • Complete any assessment tasks and other subject-specific tasks set by their teachers.
  • Revise and study for upcoming semester examinations.

Students are also encouraged to use this day for general study and other self-directed learning activities based on their timetabled classes. 

Please note that this day will also be an opportunity for our teaching staff to engage in professional learning and plan the Pastoral and Academic skills program to be implemented in 2024. This is an exciting program which will be introduced next year to further support the learning and wellbeing needs of our students in Years 7 to 12.

We will share more about this program next term, and if you have any questions related to the above arrangements, please contact your child’s Pastoral and Learning Mentor (PaLM), Year Level Leader (Years 7 to 9) or House Leader (Years 10 to 12).

Andrew Bryson