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From the Deputy Principal, Ms Spiteri

18 August 2022

One of the strongest factors in positive academic and social emotional outcomes for young people is the family. Throughout their educational journey the partnership that exists between the family and the school is pivotal in how well our young people learn and how well they grow. For the Thomas Carr College Community, this includes offering our families support as their young person journeys towards adulthood.

Catholic Education Melbourne has released The Horizons of Hope Families as Partners in Catholic School Communities Strategy Statement. This statement examines the relationship between the student, the family and the school, acknowledging the primacy of the family as the first teachers. To quote the document:

Families are honoured in a Catholic school community in three main ways:

  • Encounter through partnership – encounter happens when the sacred dignity of each person in the partnership is honoured, with each person learning alongside the other
  • Activating engagement – leaders, teachers, families and children each have a role to play to strengthen the relationship between school and home
  • Three-way learning relationship – parents, teachers and children come together in a three-way learning relationship to support the full flourishing of each and every child.

We encourage you to read the document and know that as a community we aim to continue to partner with our families to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.

Parent Forum – 31 August 2022

Throughout your time here at Thomas Carr College you will receive notification and information about some excellent reading, parenting support, online webinars and workshops, inhouse activities, and a range of resources to support you as families of our students. The research is very clear about the importance of families in the learning and wellbeing outcomes of young people. And we are committed to ensuring our young people are able to Shine Their Light.

One of the ways we do this is through the Parent Forums. This term we are pleased to offer all our parents the opportunity to participate in a webinar run by Michael Grose, parenting expert and family psychologist, about how to fine tune your parenting skills and strategies to bring more joy to your young person’s teenage years, and to your experience too!

Just click on the link to download your free voucher to attend the first of our free webinars – Changing Parenting Gears for the Teenage Years.

Parenting Ideas

Thomas Carr College has a membership with Parenting Ideas – an online source for parent education. We will share some terrific reading and links to online events to help us all navigate the teen years. As a part of our membership, you have access to free webinars that we will advertise via Operoo and here in The Beacon. Please feel free to share this with other families in our Community.

Ms Ivanka Spiteri – Deputy Principal, Student Engagement and Wellbeing