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From the Deputy Principal, Mr Bryson

20 July 2022

Drawing inspiration from our College’s vision, we believe that for students to shine their light into the world and to be active members of a globalised world, it is important that they can make the most informed decisions about their future.

As we begin the new term, the above statement captures the opportunities our students will have over the coming weeks to learn more about the subjects offered at Thomas Carr College and to consider their future pathway options. There is much to look forward to for our students this term as the subject selection process allows students to explore the various learning and pathways options that are available to them next year as well as beyond their final years at the College.

We look forward to the term ahead and wish all our students the best as they select their subjects and learning pathways for next year.

2023 Subject Selection

To support students as they work through the subject selection process, please be reminded that all key activities and events are listed on the College calendar. This includes the following upcoming event for current Year 9 students and their families:

  • Wednesday 3 August – Parent Information Night (7pm to 8pm)

Year 9 and 10 students will also be involved in Subject Selection Interviews on Thursday 11 August. Individual interviews will be held between 1.30pm and 5pm and further information will be shared with students in how they can book a time to meet with their allocated Subject Advisor.

In the meantime, students are encouraged to access the Learning and Teaching section of the College website for more information. This section includes an overview of the curriculum program at each year level as well as a link to the current 2022 Subject Handbook. Please note, these handbooks are also being updated to reflect any changes for 2023. Students are also encouraged to see their subject teacher or Pastoral and Learning Mentor (PaLM) with any questions related to the subject selection process.

For questions related to the pathway options available within the Senior School (Years 10 to 12), please contact Ms. Daniela Bombardieri-Szabo (Head of Learning and Teaching – Senior School). Questions related to the College’s Applied Learning programs including changes to the current VCAL program and to learn more about the VET subjects offered within the Senior School, please contact Mr. Casey Backhouse (Applied Learning & Vocational Training Leader). Students are also encouraged to contact the Ms. Cheryl-Anne White and the Careers Team to discuss future study, career and pathway options.

Learning arrangements for students during periods of isolation (remote learning)

With a new term upon us, and as there will be the need for students to continue to quarantine at different stages throughout the term, we ask that you please take note the following arrangements that are in place to support students with their learning during any extended periods of absence:

  • Students are to access their classes as per their timetable and view lesson details via SIMON Class Notices and complete any set learning activities for each class.
  • Subject teachers will also email students the details of all set learning activities and any other information to maintain their learning during any extended periods of absence due to being required to quarantine.
  • Students are encouraged to contact their subject teacher(s) with any questions or additional support as required.
  • Students are also encouraged to check their Class Pages on MS TEAMS for any other lesson details.
  • For any student who does not have access to the internet or is unable to access SIMON, parents are to contact the College to notify their child’s Pastoral and Learning Mentor (PaLM) before 9am on that day.

We also will continue to keep you updated of any other information related to these arrangements and encourage you to contact the following staff members with any questions. For any general Pastoral or wellbeing related questions, please contact your child’s Pastoral and Learning Mentor (PaLM), or the relevant Year Level Leader / House Leader. Any learning or subject related questions can be directed to your child’s subject teacher or the relevant Head of Learning and Teaching (Middle / Senior School).

General questions about the College’s COVID-Safe protocols and related matters can be emailed to

Tutor Learning Program

Throughout this year, the College’s Tutor Learning Program has provided targeted literacy and numeracy support to students across all year levels.

This program continues to have a positive impact on supporting the learning needs of our students and will continue to be offered to students throughout this term. This program extends to our tutors being available to provide any additional support to students in the library during lunchtimes and after-school until 4pm.

Our tutors are also available to provide support to students after-school on a Monday and Wednesday until 5pm.

If you have any questions about this program or wish to express interest in your son or daughter being involved in this program, please contact your child’s English or Mathematics teacher. You may also contact either Mr. Stephen Manitta (Head of Learning and Teaching – Middle School) or Ms. Daniela Bombardieri-Szabo (Head of Learning and Teaching – Senior School).

Staffing (Term Three)

We would like to welcome the following new staff members who have recently started teaching at Thomas Carr College:

  • Ms. Stephanie Maunders (Careers Practitioner)
  • Ms. Gabriela Bond (English / Humanities Teacher)
  • Mr. Paul Dwyer (Humanities / Media Teacher)
  • Mr. Paolo Familari (Humanities Teacher)
  • Mr. Xiwen Mai (Ensemble Coach / Music Teacher)

We also welcome back Ms. Payal Tangri (Mathematics) and Mr. Brian Campbell who will be continuing to teach Science for the semester. Each of the above new staff members are experienced teachers and bring great knowledge and expertise to the College.

We wish them the very best and every success as they join our dynamic learning community.