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From the Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

16 February 2024

We are delighted to welcome all members of the College Community to 2024. As the newly appointed Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching at the College, it has been a wonderful to begin meeting students at our College. Seeing our community embarking on the new academic year with a sense of calm and confidence has been truly heartening. A special welcome goes out to all members of the Thomas Carr College Community, the students, parents/caregivers and their families.

College Opening Liturgy and Assembly

On Tuesday 6 February, Father Jude presided over the Commencement Mass in the transformed sacred space of the Father Tobin Gymnasium. The occasion marked the commencement of the year, and solidified our start with a strong expression of our faith and a wonderful celebration of our academic success in 2023.

We were proud to have made special highlight of the VCE Highest Achievers from the Class of 2023, accompanied by their families. College Dux, Raul Sapkota, addressed the entire community, pre-recorded as he is currently travelling with family overseas before his university commitments commence. He spoke about the importance of focus and determination, as students reach for their goals this coming academic year. Additionally, we honoured the College Captains, each with unique portfolios, as they received their official badges marking the beginning of their 2024 Leadership journey. The names of the Captains can be found in this edition of The Beacon.

The students recognised the significance of the Mass and Assembly, and the student choir celebrated joyfully with music. We take immense pride in the respect displayed by our College Community throughout the event, uniting in prayer, thanksgiving, and celebration.

Consistent Predictable Routines

We have begun 2024 implementing new consistent and predictable routines to create a more structured and supportive environment for all students. These routines have been carefully designed to enhance your child’s activation of learning, and contribute to their social and academic development. Consistent routines provide a sense of stability, helping young people feel secure and confident in their learning environment. Predictable routines also enable them to anticipate what comes next, fostering a sense of control and reducing anxiety.

Our goal is to create a positive and engaging atmosphere that promotes both social and academic growth. By establishing these routines, we aim to maximize learning opportunities, improve time management, and enhance overall classroom engagement for your child. Please feel free to ask your child about some of the engaging routines they are experiencing in the classrooms so far this term!

Parent Welcome Evenings 2024

A heartfelt thank you is extended to the parents and caregivers who participated in the Middle School and Senior School Welcome Evenings, as well as the wonderful attendance at the Year 7 Welcome Evening. Your presence was greatly appreciated. Special thanks are due to the staff who gave their time to attend these events. Meeting all families in person this year was a wonderful way to begin the year.

We look forward to an exciting year of learning and growth!

Damian Bernardo
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching