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From the Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

07 March 2024

Senior Programs – Parent Information Evening on 20 February
Thank you to all families who joined us on Tuesday evening for this important session which provided information around various aspects of Senior School at Thomas Carr College – Victorian Certificate of Education, the VCE-Vocational Major and Vocational Education Training.

A crucial factor in attaining success involves having a comprehensive understanding of the prerequisites, regulations, and processes associated with VCE, VCE-VM, and VET during the senior years. These details are clarified in a handbook that is available to all families on SIMON – 

Knowledge Banks – Parent Resources. You can also access via the QR code below:

Parents and Caregivers can access the handbook using your PAM login. If you have forgotten your PAM login details, please email

The evening was hosted by our College Captains, Annika Silva and Rayan Latu. The College 2023 Dux, Raul Sapkota, also addressed the students and families, in a pre-recorded speech, as he was travelling with family overseas. We explored what Senior School success looks like, and the strategies designed to help our students achieve that success. Persistence, sacrifice and discipline were just a few of the strategies discussed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff who contributed to the event. It was an important and informative evening for the families in attendance.

All parents and caregivers are asked to familiarise themselves with the important dates listed in the handbook –

  • Tuesday 16 April – Trial GAT for all students completing a Unit 3 and 4 Subject
  • Tuesday 18 June – VCAA GAT scheduled

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress in a senior school subject, please make contact at any time with your child’s PaLM teacher,

Damian Bernardo
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching