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02 December 2022


The Advent wreath once again takes its place in our liturgical celebrations for the next four weeks. The four candles of the wreath represent the four weeks of Advent and each candle light speaks so much to the longing and waiting of our hearts. Through the birth of Christ, God came among us and is still among us. Yet, often our whole life is like an advent, the time in which God is waiting to be born. During this special time, we are invited to look back, forward and around. We look back to every first Christmas when God became one of us. We look forward to Christ’s second coming “in a cloud with power and great glory” with our heads raised high. We look around to try to be attentive to the people and events that reveal Christ’s presence to us as the Emmanuel – God is with us.

This morning we celebrated our Advent Mass with Father Silvio. I congratulate all our students for their spirit of participation and respect for this important celebration at the College marking the end of our academic year.

I congratulate all recipients of the Awards presented at A Night To Shine 2022. 

The major awards are outlined below:


 The Leadership Award winners at Years 7, 8, 9 and 11 are as follows:

Year 7Abel Jubin
Year 7Marhia Bautista
Year 8Daejah Lessakuta
Year 8Preet Joshi
Year 9Joshua Alfon
Year 9Sarah Taylor
Year 11Charlie Hickey
Year 11Hely Patel

The Principal’s Leadership Award 2022

College Vice Captains 2022

Erinne Bautista

Thea Villegas

College Captains 2022

Anina Latu

Mrinal Garg

Australian Defence Force 2022 Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Awards

At Years 10 and 12, the student leadership awards are also sponsored by the Australian Defence Force. The Leadership and Teamwork Award recipients for 2022:

Year 10Rayan Latu
Year 12Georgia Spratling


Australian Defence Force 2022 Future Innovators Awards

At Years 10 and 12, the Future Innovators awards have been sponsored by the Australian Defence Force and the recipients for 2022:

Year 10Ryan Tesoriero
Year 12Sandali Girish

Rutherford Medal for Chemistry – Sponsored by Mr Brian Campbell

The Rutherford Medal for 2022 was awarded to Benjamin Marley.

AMPOL Best All Rounder Award 2022

The AMPOL Best All Rounder Award 2022 was awarded to Massimo Loverso.

The Mary MacKillop Female Leadership 2022

Is presented to one student in Years 7-12 who has been an outstanding leader, dedicating themselves to improving the College, through her voice and agency. This was awarded to Thea Villegas.

Bruce Runnalls Spirit of Thomas Carr Award

This award is presented to a student who has contributed to the life of the College in many and varied ways, and who has demonstrated a commitment to serve others and to excel.  The 2022 Bruce Runnalls Spirit of Thomas Carr Award was awarded to Anina Latu.

Joseph De Piro Spiritual Life Award – Sponsored by the Missionary Society of St Paul isawarded to a Year 12 student who has been actively involved in the liturgical life of the College, demonstrated a strong Catholic Ethos and been active in striving for social justice. This year’s recipient is Brianna Lapina.

Julia Gillard Award is sponsored by the honourable member for Lalor, Ms Joanne Ryan. This award recognises a Year 12 student who has demonstrated a commitment to civics and citizenship by actively contributing to the school’s community. This year’s recipient is Kristiann Alfonso Tagalog.

The Lalor Hero Award, also sponsored by Honourable Joanne Ryan, is presented to a student (in Years 7-12) who deserves recognition for their service and contribution to our community. The recipient of this year’s Lalor Hero Award is Tristan Talavera.


This most prestigious award is generously sponsored by the Perpetual Parents & Friends of Thomas Carr College. This year’s recipient is Brianna Lapina for her contributions over the six years in every sphere of life at Thomas Carr College.

College Yearbook: Shine

Our 2022 College Yearbook, is a wonderful publication that has been distributed to all students.  It is a true celebration of all that is good at Thomas Carr College – a vibrant place to study!

Staff Professional Learning

Commencing on Monday December 5 all staff at Thomas Carr College will be participating in an end of year professional learning program. This program will provide sessions for all staff in the areas of Catholic Identity, Technology, Learning and Teaching, Student Wellbeing as well as several planning sessions for 2023.

Staffing for 2023 is is challenging, as we seek to shape a professional and energetic team of new staff to join us next year, as well as existing staff taking on new leadership positions. 

Thank You, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Finally, this newsletter will be the last produced for 2022. As another year at Thomas Carr College draws to a close, I would like to conclude by thanking staff, students and parents of Thomas Carr College for your continued support and encouragement throughout the year. It is very much appreciated. In particular I would like to thank, Fr Jude, Fr Vincent and Fr Albert and Fr Silvio for their support, advice and encouragement during the course of 2022.

To all families and staff of Thomas Carr College thank you for the wonderful year and may your Christmas be filled with the love of family, the joy of friends and the blessing of God’s peace throughout the coming year.

Our strategic intent moving forward is to develop Thomas Carr College to its full capacity, which entails building the capabilities of each student that is enrolled at the College for today and into the future. As a Catholic College we are proud of the young people we transition out to ‘the big wide world’ as confident and compassionate young people who will make a difference as global citizens.

Craig Holmes: Principal