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26 May 2023

Thomas Carr Day: A celebration of One Body, many parts.

May was a significant month in the life and times of our namesake, Thomas Carr. He was born on 10 May 1839 near Moylough, Galway, Ireland and ordained a priest on 22 May 1866. After becoming Bishop of Galway, he was appointed Archbishop of Melbourne and undertook the long journey from Ireland. He remained the Archbishop until his death on 6 May 1917. In those thirty years as Archbishop, our College namesake worked tirelessly so that all may shine. He worked with The Sisters of St Joseph and St Mary of The Cross MacKillop to bring education to many places in Victoria, to provide care, love and shelter to those experiencing homelessness and in need, a safe place to live for children without families to care for them and for single mothers. He worked hard to ensure a just and fair life was there for all people, being a beacon of light in the lives of many.
It is for that reason that on Friday we celebrated the life, works and witnessing nature of Thomas Carr as a Beacon of light for us all.

The day began with a wonderful Eucharistic celebration with Bishop Ashe, the Western Auxiliary Bishop, as principal celebrant, and Fr Jude as co-celebrant. The choir and ministry musicians raised the roof with their hymns of praise and the Student Captains lead the service reverently. The day then turned to other forms of celebration with food and rides, followed by Thomas Carr’s Got Talent. Such wonderful opportunities to gather as a community and support all the gifts and talents of its members.
As I sit back and reflect on the day, it is clear that God’s light shone brightly from the students and staff, reflecting the first reading at the Mass; 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 You together are Christ’s body; but each of you is a different part of it.
Let us always continue to work together as the one Body of Christ by sharing and celebrating the sacredness of our differences.

Alexandra Higham
Director of Faith and Mission