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From Director of Faith and Mission

06 April 2023

On this Holy Thursday, we reflect on the joys and trials of the year that have challenged us, and while at times we may have felt we struggled, all experiences provide us with opportunities to grow and let our light shine.  This term our school faith community took time to celebrate may things;  Opening Mass, the success of our graduates, welcoming the new Captains and school leaders as well as the new families. We acknowledged the significance of treating all people with dignity in our launch of Project Compassion, International Women’s Day and in our sharing of prayers in many languages during Harmony week. Our College Captain’s and members of our band and choir represented the school in Catholic Education Week, at St Patrick’s Day Mass, Catholic School’s party in the park and at the Student Leaders Colloquium.   We have also been blessed by two of our students winning scholarships to attend World Youth Day in Portugal in August. Congratulations to Daniel Bozovic and Jack Holder who will be joining millions of Catholic Youth for an experience of a lifetime.  Finally, we end this Lenten term with a gathering today in the holiest week of the Christian calendar to pause, reflect and pray, on the suffering journey, undertaken by Jesus Christ, to bring salvation to all peoples in the Way of the Cross.

The Way of the Cross is a traditional devotion in honour of the Pasion of Christ – the arrest, trial and suffering of Jesus in the early morning and day, of what we call Good Friday. Also known as the Stations of the Cross, Via Crucis and Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross has its origins in the Holy Land, Israel, however it didn’t become popular for pilgrims the world over until the 17th Century.  This event is so significant, all Catholic churches around the world display images and/or the scripture passages, for each station and undergo the Stations of the Cross liturgy.

Whilst we remember Christ’s Passion that existed in history, we are also called to think of the many people experiencing their own Passion events in modern times. Around the world, our sisters and brothers are fleeing the damage done by climate change, war, persecution, corruption, famine, drought, earthquakes, floods, fires, and poverty. Yet, like the story of Jesus and the Cross, our world is also full of hope, compassion, and love. While many feel terrible loss and feel forsaken by their family, community, government, and the global fraternity and carry their own cross – we remember on this day that Jesus is making His journey with the Cross on his shoulders. He does so with thoughts of us, and for us, weighing down on him as he heads to make the greatest sacrifice.  After being nailed to the Cross, Jesus extended His hand of salvation and offered to God a prayer for those lives of those who have tortured him and are mocking him as he dies. Here is where we see God’s undeniable mercy and undying love. Though he is innocent, Jesus hangs there, Fully Human, Fully Divine, for our sake and for our salvation. The story of Jesus and the Cross, offers all people in our world the knowledge that they have God’s unwavering love and compassion.

O God,

Beginning and end of all things, in the Passover of Christ you redeemed all humanity. As we now wait for your resurrection help us to reflect on how we can create a future that honours your sacrifice. Grant us the wisdom of the Cross to live a life that brings justice to others with your saving compassion and love. Amen

Ms Alexandra Higham
Director of Faith and Mission