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From Deputy Principal – Strategic Development and Curriculum

25 November 2022

We have come to the end of the 2022 academic year with the conclusion of the examination period this week and we now look forward next week with the Headstart program, the annual College Awards event, A Night to Shine on Thursday evening and the final College Mass next Friday 2 December.

I trust that our students and staff feel a strong sense of satisfaction with all that they have been able to achieve this year, despite some of the challenges we have faced. There is much for which we can be grateful and much has been achieved in 2022. It has been wonderful to have been able to engage in a full academic year with all the co-curricular activities that enrich school life.

Alumni Event – 25 November

We look forward to the Alumni reunion this evening from 6.00pm-8.00pm in the Foyer of the Performing Arts Centre.

A Night To Shine – Thursday 1 December

Families of the students who will be receiving awards have been sent an invitation to A Night to Shine. All members of the community are welcome to watch the live streaming online via this link:

A Night to Shine is the annual community celebration of student excellence in the areas of academics, leadership, service, art, sport, music and spirituality. Approximately 160 students will receive awards with their families in attendance.

Students will also receive Encouragement Awards as a part of the program on the final day the academic year.

Headstart 2023

We look forward to launching into the 2023 academic year on Tuesday 29 November. All students who will be in Years 8-12 in 2023 are expected to attend the Headstart program which is providing varied experiences for all year levels. Year 11 and 12 students will be having classes for all their new subjects and homework will be set, in readiness for the 2023 academic year as this will contribute to the first assessment task in Term 1 next year. It is expected that all holiday homework is completed and that all students in Years 7-12 read their English novels/texts during the summer break. Refer to Mr. Bryson’s article for further details.

The Year 7 2023 students will attend their first full orientation day on Tuesday 6 December. Our College Ambassadors and other Student Leaders are looking forward to welcoming the new Year 7 students to the College.

Some Key Events:

Assembly and Commissioning of the Year 11 & 12 students of 2023

On Tuesday 29 November, we will launching the Headstart Program for the senior school with the commissioning of the Year 11 and Year 12 students before they begin their new classes. All students will be involved in the Headstart program next week including students new the College at Years 8-12 in 2023.

A Night to Shine on Thursday 1 December at 7pm in the Fr. Tobin Gymnasium.

The Year 7-12 Award winners have been sent the information directly via Operoo.

Final Day for Students and Advent Mass.

On Friday 2 December, Headstart classes will continue for periods 1 and 2, followed by Mass and Year Level Assemblies before students return to their 2022 PaLMs for the final, end of year activities.

The Year 7, 2023 Orientation Day will be held on Tuesday 6 December. Relevant Information has been communicated to the families. Thank you to the Student Leaders who have volunteered to assist.

– Lucy Angelico: Deputy Principal – Strategic Development and Curriculum