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Don’t Bin it, Bring it! Recycle Used Pens and Markers

14 October 2022

Thomas Carr College recycles used pens and markers.  Our families and school community are encouraged to avoid throwing the following items to the general waste and into landfills: used pens, markers, textas, highlighters, mechanical pencils and eraser pens, empty correction fluids, and empty correction pots. 

Do not include glue sticks, erasers, rulers, pencils, crayons and sharp objects.

Don’t Bin It – Recycle It

In association with OfficeWorks, the Environment Action Team (EAT) provides boxes for your recyclable writing instruments.  Each classroom will have a container for this purpose.  If full, these are emptied in the drop-off stations which are located in the library, Admin Office, and the Staff Lounge room (for staff).  Our families, through their child,  are encouraged to gather all these at home and drop them off at school.

Don’t bin it, bring it to save our planet from waste that should be recycled in the first place. 

To find out where these recyclables end up to, read more HERE.

Shirley Dagmang: RE Teacher and EAT Leader