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Director of Students (Middle School)

28 March 2024

Year 7 Camp

This week, I had the privilege of participating in the Year 7 Camp alongside our students, PaLM teachers, and Year Level Leaders. Right from the start, I was impressed by the vast array of activities awaiting our students. From high ropes and raft construction to canoeing, abseiling, sports nights, and discos, there was something for everyone.

The quality of the meals provided was truly commendable, with a variety that catered to all tastes – pasta, burgers, sausages, eggs, beans, salad, hash browns, toast, cereal, ice-cream, and more.

What truly set this camp apart was the opportunity it offered for students and teachers to form deeper connections. Whether through card games, jokes, or heartfelt conversations; Lasting bonds were undoubtedly forged.

As dusk fell, kangaroos hopped past at speed, adding to the magic of the experience. Under the canopy of the night sky, adorned with thousands of stars, students chatted happily in their cabins, some staying up well past their bedtimes – for which we are grateful to the teachers who willingly accepted night duty.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Georgie Weir and Paul Dwyer for their excellent organisation of the Camp. Their attention to detail was evident and greatly contributed to its overall success. A big thank you to all the staff, parents, and students for your commitment to making the Year 7 Camp, a memorable experience.

Good Samaritan Campus

I would also like to recognise the outstanding work completed by Vanessa Tait and her team hosting Year 8 and 9 students at our Good Samaritan Campus. These experiences require extensive planning, and we are grateful for their time and dedication. Our Year 8 students completed the Shine program, this included mountain bike riding, treetop adventures, archery, initiative games and a visit to the diary farm. The first evening was spent in rooms at the campus and the second night was spent camping and cooking using a Trangia.

A number of Year 9 classes had the opportunity to compete the two-week Country Experience. They also engaged in camping, cooking, and outdoor adventure activities, while also completing a major group project for Humanities.

Thank you to Sophie Martin and Abby Wellsteed (Year 8 Level Leaders) and Jenni Rothery and Lauren Camilleri (Year 9 Level Leaders) for helping to coordinate the groups prior to their departure to the GSC. We are blessed to have two fantastic campuses.

Jennifer Trodden
Director of Students (Middle School)