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Coaching and Learning at Thomas Carr College

23 June 2023

Introduction to Leadership Coaching with Growth Coaching International

In the last 6 weeks of Term 2 a committed cohort of emerging coaches undertook the Introduction to Leadership Coaching program with Growth Coaching International. Taking place afterschool in person and online, these new coaches showed a tremendous commitment to their professional development and a desire to improve the learning conversations they hold with the coachees.

Congratulations to Sophie Martin, Lucy Cassar, Lexie Huculak, Natalie Matiszak, Margaret Raffoul, Ashley Saliba, Indra Nathan, Catherine Bellair, Peter Murray, Cathryn Doman and Sarah Parcesepe on your accomplishment.

Recognising the efforts of the students who completed Accelerated Subjects Unit 3 and 4 in 2022

A lunch event was held on Friday 16 June with students who had completed an accelerated Unit 3 and 4 VCE Subject in 2022 to recognise their efforts and learn more about their experiences. Students took part in providing feedback on the opportunity to complete an accelerated subject and reflected on the lessons they have learnt for their studies in 2023. Four key questions were placed for students to respond to including finding out what benefits and challenges they saw from completing a Unit 3 and 4 accelerated subject, as well as reflecting about what they have learnt about themselves as students and informing what they are doing differently this year because of the experience. These Year 12 students will now begin to mentor Year 11 students currently completing an accelerated study through the Student Peer Coaching Program.

Below are some of the comments students responded:

This year I am making sure I do various exam practice questions earlier in a timed period as I found timing is a challenge for me.

I have learnt that study groups really helped me and its something I will do again for sure.

I didn’t realise the jump in difficulty from Unit 1 and 2 compared to Unit 3 and 4, now I am more prepared for that.

The experience was very important in setting the expectations for this year, I am glad I had that experience as it gave me a glimpse of what I was going to face in year 12.

I am so glad I took on the challenge of a Unit 3 and 4 subject last year, it will be one of my best subjects towards my ATAR as I was able to give it my all.

Supporting our students who are aiming to succeed at the very highest of levels is an important goal, the Student Peer Coaching program will draw on the invaluable experience of these students to share and inspire others completing the same studies when the program begins in Term 3.

Student Feedback Surveys

An important part of understanding classroom impact is student voice. We seek student feedback periodically and for all teachers this is possible through the Student Feedback Surveys. The first round of Student Feedback Surveys was collected by individual staff this term with the aim of understanding what is working well and learning from what could be further improved. The feedback surveys also provide a great point of discussions between coach and coachee as they explore how to address what students have raised. Later in the year a second round of Student Feedback Surveys will be collected, and a comparison can be drawn to address practice development in the classroom.

Dr. Alex Guedes
Coaching and Learning Innovation Leader