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05 December 2023

Luminosity Co-Curricular Colours Program

This year, the College introduced the Luminosity Co-Curricular Colours Program. This program aims to formally recognise student contributions to the wonderful and vast array of activities that the College has on offer for students.

The five main categories are:
Performing Arts

Each category has various clubs/activities associated with them. Students must attend 90% of all clubs/activities in which they partake in to be awarded Luminosity Points. All clubs/activities will have a different allocation of points associated with them due to the nature and length of the activity.

Students who are awarded ten points or more in a category are awarded a special Luminosity badge in the shape of a star signifying their commitment to this important area of College life, as well as a certificate. The special Luminosity badge is awarded to any student who achieves ten or more points in one of the five categories. 

We are pleased to announce we have had four students awarded Luminosity Colours in 2023:
Caitlin Dennis (Year 12)- Sport
Oliver Pond (Year 12)- Service
Jospeh Lettieri (Year 10)- Sport
Puneet Kaur Samra (Year 8)- Sport

We are very excited to see this program grow and develop in the future so that all students can shine both inside and outside of the classroom. 


Earlier in Term 4, the College’s Art, Music, Technology and Sports Departments came together to celebrate our diverse student cohorts’ achievements in these areas. On the night we formally recognised the Best and Fairest players for SACCSS Senior Weekly Sport, One Day Competitions and the Year 7, 9 & 10 Premier League Seasons. Unfortunately the Year 8 competition was still underway so the Best & Fairest players were not recognised on this evening but we have added the receipients to the full list of award winners below and congratulate them all on their achievements.

Year 10 Boys AFLTyler Arabit
Year 8 Boys AFLJake Petrovski
Intermediate Girls AFLSophia Hooper
Junior Girls AFLAtap Kuany
Senior TennisJacklyne Phan
Intermediate TennisJoseph Lettieri
Senior Mixed NetballJessica Lumani
Senior Boys FutsalIvan Carapina
Senior Girls FutsalEmily Scarpuzza
Intermediate Boys FutsalJoseph Lettieri
Intermediate Girls FutsalAnabella Lococo
Junior Boys FutsalZac Meilak
Junior Girls FutsalChanelle Camille
Girls CricketDiyanka Soni
Junior TennisPuneet Kaur Samra
Senior Girls NetballJessica Lumani
Senior Boys CricketBibek Virk
Senior Boys VolleyballRayan Latu
Senior Girls VolleyballTamyra Riturban
Senior Boys AFLDavid Dongrin
Senior Girls AFLValentina Froma
Senior Boys SoccerDing Dhieu
Senior Girls SoccerAyak Machar
Senior Boys BasketballAdam Arkadio
Senior Girls BasketballHannah Fuentes
Team of the Year- Year 10 Boys Volleyball
Year 10 Boys Basketball ARomeo Abella
Year 10 Boys Basketball BNatneal Hadgu
Year 10 Girls BasketballLoren Camilleri
Year 10 Boys SoccerJoseph Lettieri
Year 10 Girls SoccerBlen Mesay
Year 10 Boys VolleyballEthan Agatep
Year 10 Girls VolleyballCarmelice Sajul
Year 10 Girls NetballAlana Teaurima
Team of the Year – Year 10 Girls Volleyball
Year 9 AFLLucas Fisher
Year 9 Boys BasketballAlex Kamota
Year 9 Girls BasketballAkour Mabing
Year 9 Boys SoccerJonathan Turda
Year 9 Girls SoccerElizabeth Hto
Year 9 Boys VolleyballPaul Abrigo
Year 9 Girls VolleyballArianne Espinosa
Year 9 Girls NetballSarah Lumani
Year 8 Boys BasketballNoah Stokes
Year 8 Girls BasketballPuneet Kaur Samra
Year 8 Boys SoccerGianni Burrone
Year 8 Girls SoccerIsabella Fisher
Year 8 Boys VolleyballMarquis Villegas
Year 8 Girls VolleyballAlecia May
Year 8 Girls NetballSummer Clapham
Year 8 CricketAaryan Karwal
Year 7 AFLJarvis Hanson
Year 7 Boys BasketballJacob Cabritit
Year 7 Girls BasketballRebecca Abur
Year 7 Boys SoccerTehillah Mazenge
Year 7 Girls SoccerInagereia Separovic-Michie
Year 7 Boys VolleyballArmaan Bhuller
Year 7 Girls VolleyballDakota Coles
Year 7 Girls NetballKamaia  Blake

This year we also introduced a new award to recognise the TCC SACCSS Team of the Year. This award honours the team that has shown great leadership, commitment, pride, sportspersonship and upheld the code of behaviours expected here at the College.

This team is to be commended for their professionalism, passion to succeed and overall character. They are a great bunch of students who have represented our College with such pride and spirit. They are a true inspiration to our younger students, and we thank them for their commitment to our program, including the coaching and guidance of our younger students. Congratulations to our Year 10 Boys & Girls Volleyballs Team on being named the joint 2023 TCC Team of the Year. A much-deserved award.

Joint Team of the Year Winners
Akash Chandra
Amie Dicker
Amrit Gill
Ayezsha Tito
Carmelice Sajul
Ella Ainsworth
Ethan Agatep
Gabriel Barrett
Gobind Gill
Jackson Hopper
Jason Cham
Jayse Lubguban
Lucas Mercado
Miguel Pilapil
Neve Kwek
Ria Katuwal
Sienna Di Battista
Stephanie Ferdinands
Suliana Tesi

Coach: Mr Andrew Noble

The last 2 awards of the night recognised both male and female student who have represented the College in various SACCSS sporting carnivals and weekly SACCSS Sport in 2022. These students have personified the qualities of a true champions, displayed great sportsmanship, been exemplary role models for younger students and been identified as high achievers by their coaches. The Male and Female winner of the annual TCC SACCSS Award for 2023 were Joseph Lettieri of Year 10 and Caitlin Denis of Year 12.

Congratulations to these two students and we thank them for all they have contributed to the Sports Program at the College over the course of this year.

Year 8 Premier League Wrap Up

Year 8 Netball

On Thursday November 23 we had our three Year 8 teams compete in their respective Grand Finals.

All three teams battled hard throughout the course of their matches, however, were sadly beaten by quality opposition.

Here are their results:
Netball went down to CRC North Keilor 25-14
Boys Volleyball lost to Penola 3 sets to 0
Girls Volleyball lost to CRC St Albans 3 sets to 0

Our students were gracious in defeat and played their finals with pride, enthusiasm and great sportspersonship. We are so proud of them and know they will come back bigger and better in 2024.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our students who were involved in the SACCSS Program in 2023. Your enthusiasm and dedication to our College and your team is extremely valued.

We would also like to thank all staff who got involved this year to coach our SACCSS teams in weekly sport, one day competitions or major carnivals. Without our passionate staff such programs would not run, so we very much appreciate the time they have given up to be part of this program.

In only our second full year of SACCSS Sport we could not have asked for a better year on the field and courts, and we look forward to an even bigger and better year in 2024.

Margie White
Sport and Co-Curricular Leader