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Charlie Hickey – On the behalf of the SRC Executive Team

02 September 2022

Throughout the year, senior students from the Student Representative Council (SRC) Executive team, have conducted multiple lunchtime meetups with Ms Bonde, where we all bring our thoughts, feedback, and ideas to an open table discussion to continue to improve students time at Thomas Carr College.

One initiative that the SRC Executive team have completed, was the Volleyball net set-up outside C-block. During one of our very first meetings, members of the council had shared the feedback from fellow students to have a volleyball designated area for all the students who love to meet up and play Volleyball during Recess and Lunchtimes.

We were all very excited to turn this vision into reality once the Volley-Ball net was put in place. This Volleyball area has ever since been the home to Engaging and Exciting Volleyball games during break times and has been treated with much respect from the students using the equipment. We encourage all students to share great ideas such as this one to the SRC team, as we continue our mission to provide more Equipment, Sport competitions, Clubs, and more for all students to enjoy.

The SRC Executive team are all for ‘Student Voice’, We believe that there are leadership abilities behind all students at Thomas Carr College, even if you don’t recognize it yourself. Whether its your first year at Thomas Carr as a Year 7, or your very last as a Year 12, you can demonstrate leadership through your own actions, and the self-respect you have for yourself as a member of the Thomas Carr Community. You can become a positive influence throughout the school, for doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching. The simple tasks of wearing correct uniform, turning up to class on time, and staying up to date with classwork is all it takes to become a student leader.

The SRC Executive team challenge all students at Thomas Carr College to embrace leadership, and spread positive values to one another through simply being a contributing member of the Thomas Carr College Community.

Thank you all for your support towards the SRC Executive team, keep your eyes out for more events, and improvements to come before the end of the year!