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2022 SACCSS update: Assumption Term 3

15 September 2022

On Tuesday 30 August 2022 we had over 120 students compete in our first ever SACCSS Athletics Carnival at Lakeside Stadium.

The weather was a little bit cold and miserable but that didn’t seem to dampen the competitive spirit of our team, with many stellar individual and team performances both on the track and in the field.

The following students came Top 3 in their events:

13 Year Olds:Event:
Lani Tesi1st Shot Put & Discus
Carlos Anonuevo2nd 400m
Samuel Omesebi2nd Long Jump
14 Year Olds:Event:
Steven Morgan3rd 400m
Chloe Secoulidis3rd 200m, 3rd 100m A
Mia Stevens2nd 400m, 1st 100m B
Lincoln Smith2nd Discus
15 Year Olds:Event:
Liz Hall1st 1500m, 1st 800m
Alana Teaurima2nd Discus
16 Year Olds:Event:
Emily Morgan1st 800m
Machar Jongkuch2nd Long Jump, 1st Triple Jump
Callum Dansey2nd Discus
17-20 Year Olds:Event:
Brad Ganley3rd 1500m, 3rd 800m
Julia Mercado1st Discus
Hanna Belew2nd Discus
Alvin Htoosaw1st Discus
Kaman Mathiang2nd Shot Put
Pascal Basioni1st 200m A
Chantelle Williams2nd 200m A
Bagat Beyong3rd 200m B, 3rd 400m
Natalie Autthiya3rd Long Jump

The following students came in the Overall Top 5 competitors in their Age Group:

5th/ 29 competitors- Carlos Anonuevo

3rd/ 30 competitors- Lani Tesi

4th/ 27 competitors- Mia Stevens

2nd/ 30 competitors- Liz Hall

5th/ 30 competitors- Machar Jongkuch

4th/ 29 competitors- Brad Ganley

In terms of Team Results:

Juniors- 4th/8 schools

Inters- 7th/8 schools

Seniors- 5th/7 schools

All in all, it was great to see our athletes in action and see what level of competition we are up against. I am sure it will be onwards and upwards in 2023!


On Wednesday 7 September 2022 we had two Year 9 SACCSS teams play off in their respective Grand Finals.

Congratulations to you Year 9 Boys Volleyball team who won their Grand Final yesterday afternoon! The boys took control from the get-go and never gave Kolbe a sniff which was exciting to see.

Commiserations to our Year 9 Boys Soccer team who went down 3-2 against MacKillop. The boys clawed their way back into the game after conceding two early goals to draw level, but unfortunately were unable to capitalise on a few opportunities late in the game. The boys were obviously disappointed, but they should be proud for the way in which they held themselves.

On Monday September 12 our Year 9 Girls Soccer team came up against a formidable Salesian outfit in their Grand Final. The girls fought hard to stick with a slick Salesian team but were unfortunately they were unable to match Salesian’s intensity at the ball, going down 4-1.

On Tuesday September 13 our Senior Boys Basketball team played off in a Grand Final against St Monica’s at MSAC. The boys got off to a quick start, sinking the first 6 points and converting some turnovers. St Monica’s grinded their way back into the game with both teams trading point for point throughout the first half. This continued well into the second half, but St Monica’s were able to sink a few three pointers which gave them the ascendency and confidence.

Our boys were 6 points down in the last two and a half minutes of the game, but they didn’t drop their heads, narrowing the lead and drawing even with less then a minute to go. Sadly, we turned over the ball over late in the piece, handing St Monica’s the win. Our boys are to be commended for their professionalism, sportsmanship and overall character. They are a great bunch of students who have represented TCC with such pride and spirit. They are a true inspiration to our younger students, and we thank them for their commitment to our program, including the many afterschool trainings and coaching of our younger students.

A massive thank you to Mr Nicholls for his coaching, guidance and passionate leadership of this team.