Year 10 Work Experience

Work Experience is an integral part of the Year 10 curriculum intended to introduce all Year 10 students to an understanding of the workplace. Since Year 10 is a pivotal year for such things as subject selections for Years 11 and 12, Work Experience is an opportunity to begin to explore future career options.

The Work Experience Program is a compulsory element of the Year 10 curriculum.  This one week program takes place at the beginning of Term 3. Students will be provided with instruction in Occupational Health and Safety as a prelude to workplace induction by their employer. The Work Experience Guidelines must be given to the employer at the time of arranging the work placement.

It is the individual student’s responsibility to arrange a work placement.

Further details can be obtained from the employer database on SIMON – (knowledge Banks>Careers & Pathways Folder>Work experience 2018>Employer Database.)

For further information please contact the Careers Co-ordinator, Ms Naomi Nolan

2018 Work Experience dates: Monday July 16 to Friday July 20.

2019 Work Experience dates: Monday July 15 to Friday July 19.