Study and Homework

Study and Homework

The importance of home study cannot be stressed too highly. The amount of time Senior School students should spend on home study varies from night to night, from subject to subject and depends upon the time of year and the number of units they are completing.

As a general rule, students completing Year 10 should be completing at least 2 to 2.5 hours study per night (10 – 15 hours per week), with an increase to 3 hours for years 11 and 12 (15 – 20 hours per week). It is imperative that Year 10 and 11 students establish a regular habit of home study to prepare themselves for the rigours of their final year of study in Year 12. Homework is not only work set by the teacher. It should also be related to reading, summarising and studying. Good learning is based on regular work over a long period of time. Parents can check set homework on the College website.

Study Habits

The key to success at the senior level, whether it is in VCE or VCAL is a combination of hard work and excellent study habits. Time management is the key to successful studying. Maximizing efficiency when you study results in more free time for other activities. The following habits will help

  • Have a quiet work area free from interruption
  • Set yourself goals (short term, medium term and long term (as they help keep you focussed and motivated))
  • Keep a record of all work that is required and when it is required in the student diary
  • Begin work when it is set and work consistently from that time. Allow enough time to complete each task.
  • Make a list of priorities so you know which tasks come first
  • Organise your time so that nothing is left to the last minute
  • If you have large amounts of work to learn, break it up into chunks of information and use highlighters for each section to help them stand out.

Study Periods

The College expects all senior students to be independent learners. When students have a study lesson timetabled, the College expects that quiet and private study will take place. Students undertaking projects in specialist subjects may only work in specialist rooms if they have been given written permission by the teacher responsible for that room. All other students are expected to report to the Information Centre.

Part Time Employment

The College acknowledges that many senior students undertake part-time employment, and that it may play a significant part in their lives. With sensible planning, a part-time job can be rewarding and assist independence. However students need to realise that their main responsibility at this time is fulfilling their academic potential. As a general rule we suggest a senior student work no more than approximately six to eight hours per week. (2 shifts per week). A number of studies on the effects of working more hours than this, have found that it can result in the loss of anything from 2-5 points on their ATAR scores. Basically it comes down to Balance: the balance between work, study and play.